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Spider-Man Comics?

Can someone provide me with issue numbers of the following spider-man comics?

1.The one where he gets rid of the alien costume

2. The one where he summons the full power of the enigma force

3. The one where he uses the Spidey Armor

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    Amazing Spiderman 258. After discovering his black costume is sentient, Reed Richards helps Spiderman remove the costume using sonic waves.

    In Web Of Spiderman 1, the Symbiote (before becoming Venom) has one, last battle with Spidey.


    Not too sure about this one, but Spectacular Spiderman 189 sees Spiderman taken over by the Enigma Force, becoming Captain Universe for a time.


    Peter Parker uses the "Iron Spider" costume, for the first time, in Amazing Spiderman 529.

    Hope this helps you.

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    He doesn't get the alien costume in a Spider-Man comic. He gets it in Secret Wars issue #6 or 8, I forget which.

    He gets his Capt Universe powers just before, or at the beginning of "The Acts of Vengance" series

    No so sure about the original Spider Armor, I'll have to look through my books when I get home

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    hmmm...I would have to ask my cousin Superman.

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