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How can I memorize the planets of the solar system?

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    Easy, starting with the sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and the now defunct Pluto.

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    I know seven year olds who have trouble memorizing the solar system. Why don't you just work with your son on things like stars, moon, space, rockets, sun, maybe the fact that the planets are "circles"? My kids do have a space themed room, and we have a little model of the solar system put up as a part of that. You could, I guess, do something like that and go over the names of the different planets. But I do think it's a little early to teach the solar system.

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    By the time you try to remember the ways to remember, it would be easier just to memorize the planets in order going outward from the sun.

    Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

    Depending on who you are memorizing them for, you may wish to drop Pluto as it is no longer considered a planet.

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    How To Remember Solar System

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    The same way you taught him to drive. Uh, that is, you WAIT! He is NOT old enough yet. At 3 years old they should be learning; social skills, how to separate from parents, basic manners, how to sit still during a story, maybe some basic art skills, drawing, coloring, gluing.... Stuff like that. Save something for them to learn in kindergarten!! :-) Here's a fun song they sang on Blue's Clues years ago. if you start singing it to him now, he may remember parts of it, that's a GREAT place to start. The Planet Song! Well the Sun's a hot star, Mercury's hot, too. Venus is the brightest planet, Earth's home to me and you. Mars is the red one, And Jupiter's most wide. Saturn's got those icy rings, And Uranus spins on its side. Neptune's really windy, And Pluto's really small. Well we wanted to name the planets, And now we've named them all.

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    Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neputne Pluto, just memorize it, except for the Pluto part.

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    use a phrase or a sentence which starts with the first letters of the planet like My Very Eager Mother Just Serve Us Nothing. that is for the 8 major planets

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    As a kid I learned

    Making vests every morning John Smith uses nine pins

    However, Pluto is no longer classed as a planet, so drop the "pins"

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    memorize this

    my = mercury

    very =venus

    educated =earth

    mother =mars

    just =jupiter

    serves =saturn

    us =uranus

    nasty =neptune

    pickles. =pluto

    but it's a pity they removed Pluto as one of the Planets. (."__.)

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    these are in order

    starting from the ones closest to OUR SUN:

    my - mars

    very- venus

    ernest -earth


    just -jupiter


    us -uranis

    nine -neptune

    pies! -pluto

    plus they found another but I cant remember its name....

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