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Which are the most effective quit smoking ways?

Have quit for 3 months now using this method, but am not sure if it will come back again. Still have a bit of cravings at time. Anybody else tried this before?


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    If you are like me you will still desire a smoke a year from now, but it will be easier to resist. What helped me was buying something I desperately wanted on H.P., and which I couldn't afford and buy fags at the same time.

    I was also aware of the effect smoking was having on my health, and I started to consider how my family would cope if I was permanently ill, or died.

    One more thing, my Christian faith tells me that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

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    Natural Quit Smoking Magic

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    it;s a nightmare isn't it?! I tried loads of things... Hypnotism worked pretty well - I think it was a combination of the fact that I committed to paying someone money to help me stop and the actual hypnotism but it was the first time in 10 years when I got through a day without a cigarette and it was an amazing feeling the realise I could actually do that. Sadly I tested the hypnotism too much by having a *** a month later but I finally did give up from a change in attitude - I was so sick of myself for not wanting to be a smoker anymore that the next time I got hammered and smoked too much in a night feeling dog rough the next day, I didn't have that gross hung over ciggy first thing, then I didn't have the lunchtime one, then I didn't have one when I got in from work etc then I went to bed, then the next morning again, I didn't have that ciggy etc etc. It's just taking it one step at a time and appreciating how long it's been since you smoked is a good motivator for why you don't want to break the success. Good luck.

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    desire for smoking never leaves you.Maybe after 10 years in a party you feel for smoking! I quit smoking 2 years ago by patch and Nicotine pills.My suggestion is to have some nicotine gums with you and whenever the desire comes to you put it in your mouth but don't chew it.Just put it in your mouth for 15 minutes.

    The most important thing in quiting smoking is never pay attention to the yearn when it comes by amusing yourself to something else.

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    patch works well

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