I have had a severe episode of shellfish allergy recently, Will BENADRYL help?

I have had an allergic episode after eating shrimp. I have not had this before. I want to try eating shrimp again, will BENADRYL help with the allergi reaction if it occurs?

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    You'd better not, since you are likely to have an anaphylactic reaction, which is shock leading to death. Benadryl won't even begin to have an effect while your throat swells so much that you can't breathe and die within minutes. In fact you need to see your doctor about it and be sure to get an epi-pen, which contains the emergency drug epinephrine, which is the only thing that can be administered to help a patient in anaphylactic shock. But you must carry it with you anytime you go out to eat where there might be shellfish around, even if you don't eat them they may have come in contact with your food or plate. Since the shock will kill you in minutes, you must let whoever you're with know where your epi-pen is carried and how to inject you in case the worst happens.

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    True story so you understand how serious shellfish allergy can be. A young woman was on her honeymoon. At a restaurant, a waiter passed by with a steaming plate of shrimp. Just the smell caused her to go into anaphylactic shock and because she didn't have an epi pen, she died even though there were doctors in the restaurant who tried to help her. Once you are allergic to shellfish, you never want to eat them again.

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    It will help, but I would caution you about eating shellfish again. This allergy is common and my wife broke out in hives. The best way to avoid an allergic reaction is to avoid the problem which is very probably shellfish. A severe allergic reaction can kill a person if the hives get in the throat and cut off the air supply to the lungs. I don't know why you want to tempt fate by eating something that has made you very sick in the past. When I get sick off a particular food it is off my list forever.

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    Shrimp Allergy Treatment

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    you have each precise to be freaked out. there is plenty go an infection in resturaunts. there's a extensive possibility which you are going to have a severe reaction. I had a chum whose husband grew to become into allergic to fish and all shell fish. He went to long John Silvers (do no longer comprehend in case you have that the place you're) yet he ordered fowl. He had a extensive allergic reaction and virtually died. They fried the fowl and the fish all interior an identical element. So do be careful the place you consume. that's risky. Alot of those nutrition workers are being paid little money and dealing no longer hassle-free and al ot of them do no longer likely care with regard to the cleanliness and prepeeration of the nutrition they only % to get it achieved.

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    Your best bet would be to contact your doctor. I tried shrimp twice in my lifetime. The first time I had the allergic reation, I ate shrimp and chicken tenders. I had no idea why I was feeling the way I was (heart beating fast, throat closing, and trouble breathing.) A couple weeks later I ate a few more baby shrimp and had the very same reactions. I was lucky the symptoms went away on their own.

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    It really depends on what your symptoms were. If it was something like a mild rash. Than yes benedryl should help.

    If it was things like tightness in the chest, swelling, or other lifethreatening reactions you need to carry injectable epinephrene.

    In any case your best bet is TOTAL avoidance.

    Source(s): 2 kids with food allergies
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    Don't eat the shrimp. I know you want to, but is it really worth risking your life?

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