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does using lubricant kills the sperms?

how safe is vaseline to use?

does it kills the sprems and reduces the chances to concieve?


is it b'coz of using vasline m not concieve?is any one experienced with same?

Update 2:

is it b'coz of using vasline m not concieve?is any one experienced with same?

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    I've read that some types of lubricants don't provide a proper medium to live in to get to the cervix and beyond.

    I have a friend that swears by olive oil. It does work well for lubrication. She, her best friend and another friend of theirs all got pregnant after being told they would have issues (or would never conceive). I tried it, but I have other issues that it wouldn't necessarily help. The book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" recommends using egg white, but be careful since this can cause infection. And they all used ovulation predictors (I just started using it around ovulation time and had lots of lovemakin' using only this as a lube, but remember it didn't work for me.)

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    Using lubricants such as Vaseline can aid in intercourse, but not in sperm travel through the cervix. Most over the counter lubricants are not "sperm friendly" -- meaning that using them is likely to kill off some sperm. In most cases, one needs to weigh the benefits against the risks . . . it may well be worth losing a few sperm to make it possible to complete intercourse. That said, there are some friendlier options out there. One is FemGlide, a lubricant you can get from your doctor. You can buy the same product marketed and a more recently introduced product called Pre-Seed from Bio-Origyn. Another option discussed on many fertility boards is using raw egg whites at room temperature. There may be some risk of salmonella exposure with egg whites, so some suggest using pasteurized egg whites available in the grocery store. With any lubricant, it is generally best to use as little as possible. Hope that helps n Good Luck!

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    Lubricant doesn't kill sperm, unless it is a spermicidal lubricant. Using vaseline will do nothing to prevent pregnancy. I would recommend K-Y Silk as a lubricant, but use a condom also because it's not a spermicide. Or you could try the Today Sponge, which contains a spermicide, however it does not protect against AIDS or STD's like a condom does.

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    it's safe but it doesn't kill the sperm and thus reduce the chance of conception. Try other forms of contraception, condoms (for male and female), IUDs, the pill, etc. The male condom is one of the easiest form of conception reduction. It isn't foolproof but it has a pretty high rate of reduction. Look for it the next time you're in the store. They even have variety packs! =)

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    No, it kills nothing. Vaseline can break down the integrity of a condom. Vaseline kills nothing and reduces the chances of nothing.

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    Lubricants don't kill sperm unless they're specifically contraceptive gels. Vaseline is a messy and unpleasant lubricant, though. KY gel or something like that is a lot nicer.

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    Lubricant will only kill sperm if it has spermicide in it. Dont use Vaseline. Ive heard it can cause yeast infections.

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    no vaseline doesnt harm or do any thing as such.. it only helps to hve smooth sex on dry days or the time when you have a problem in having sex

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    don't know sorry never had to use them yet would like to know my as well

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    NO!! Use a condom

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