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is there a practical sense in delaying of payment of bills (not credit or loans) ?

is there really any practical sense and benefit from delaying payment of your bills by as long as possible(ie. without being penalised in monentary terms) ? do big corporations see a greater effect in doing so? what about small households and consumers?

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    I suggest you pay the bills on the due date. That would be the maximum you can delay without any penalties.

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    the respond on your question is that there are extra then one form of credit reporting gadget. maximum individuals are in basic terms conscious of their credit report, that's called a FICO score. As you already comprehend, this in basic terms shows your very own loan history. Banks use a credit repoting gadget called ChekSystems. this methodology comments the way you have dealt with your checking account no longer in basic terms at B of A yet in any respect banks that report to the gadget (that's maximum all banks). To open a checking account you bypass 3 easy standards. the 1st is your FICO score. in spite of if that's sensible or no longer, banks won't provide a checking account to somebody with low credit. the 2nd is which you have (of their jargon) "bypass ChekSystems." for the reason which you're interior the detrimental at B of A (much less what you have achieved someplace else) you will possibly fail this, for specific. The final qualification is ideal identity and the minimum beginning deposit. to respond to your question, those different issues you're pointing out are not reported everywhere exterior of those companies. they're inner credit reporting structures. the only exception to it extremely is that in case you do no longer pay them, and that they sell your debt to a set enterprise (a set might take place on your credit report) or you do no longer pay your land lord, as an occasion, and he documents a legal judgement against you, which might coach on your credit report (FICO) as a judgement. the two a sort of negatively result your FICO score. with the help of ways, even those issues you point out that are inner credit scoring structures (i.e. in basic terms they comprehend the way you paid them) that does no longer mean they are in a position to't reason you concern. as an occasion, in case you attempt to get lighting fixtures fixtures connected at your electric powered business company the way you have paid them interior the previous can verify in spite of in case you will possibly desire to provide them a deposit.

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