After watching "House of the Dead" the movie, I was determined to make a time machine...?

so I could hide in the bushes outside the theater. Then when I saw myself walking by, I could jump out and beat the crap out of my past self. Is there a movie you've seen that would compel you to figure out time travel, and yet use that ability to kick your own ***, instead of using it to change past history for the better?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Even better you could go back in time and warn them releasing house of the dead 1 would lead to the release

    of House of the dead 2 , and no one wanted that.

    I love a good Bad horror movie part 1 was like scratching

    your Butt with a wood plain , good for a second or two

    but then just painful.

    part two wasn't even watchable.....blah,yucky

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