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there are 8 cricket teams to play in the super eight round. each team has to play 6 matches. the teams are Srilanka ,Bangladesh, Ireland, West Indies, Australia, South Africa, England and Newzealand. Bangladesh cant play against srilanka. west indies cant play against ireland. australia cant play against south africa. england cant play against newzealand. how many matches are there going to be in total?

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    ther r 24 matches..

    eac team is 2 play 7 match but thev alredy playd against teammates, so they carry 2 pts..nd play 6 matches...

    now Aus vs Windies or Windies vs Aus is same..so u wont count it as 2 diff match..

    so divide 6 by 2 i.e. 3..

    nd ther r 8team..

    8*3 is 24..


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    this is how it works the top 2 teams in each group have been given a number (for example Sri Lanka as B1). These teams play against the other two teams that qualified from the other 3 groups. So that makes it 6 games each and in total 24 matches will be palyed. With respect to the team of it's own group : the team that won the match played between them in the group stage will be awarded 2 points. (Now for example if Sri Lanka and Bangladesh win every match that they play in the Super Eight Stage that will make them equal in points but because Sri Lanka won the group stage match they will be awarded 2 extra pionts and will qualify to the Semi Finals as the winner of the Super Eight Stage).

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    There are 24 Super-8 games, with each side playing 6 times.

    View the schedule at http://cricketworldcup.indya.com/scores/html/live/...

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    <>24 ((8*6)/2)

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  • 1 decade ago

    24 games in all

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