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How many times have you asked yourself "What's the point of life?"?

Maybe you feel there is no answer to your question, but I have very good news for you today!

Humans were created by God, to live in a deep and close friendship with Him - a relationship of love. We were also made to be dependent on God, with God as the loving ruler, and humans as obedient subjects under His rule.

The God that Jesus revealed is not like a dictator ruling the down-trodden masses, but is a loving and good Father caring for His children.

Only when we live in that relationship of love and dependence on God, can we know what it is to be truly free and live life to the maximum.

Don't fight the truth anymore - take one small step of faith and believe the Gospel. - You will never regret it my friends!

For I know the plans I have for you says God,

Plans for good and not for evil

Plans to give you a future and a hope.

Jeremiah 29 v 11

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    WHEW, THAT QUESTION MY FRIEND COULDN'T HAVE COME AT A BETTER TIME IN MY LIFE. thank you. i have actually asked myself, not what is the point of life. but what LORD IS MY PURPOSE? I've recently had a birthday, just turned 44, where does the time go. i've come to the conclusion, that im living prove that KARMA DOES EXIST. thats not a bad thing. it falls right into place. turn the other cheek. what goes around comes around. do unto others, as you would have done unto you. IT ALL COMES BACK. (ONE WAY OR ANOTHER). TREAT PPL THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. I agree there is a point to our lives, and we are very precious, as time goes by, more and more i realize how much i have taken for granted. to this day, i dont know why im still here, but im going with it. ive recently been diagnosed with something that is absoutely too unmentionable to talk about. (BUT IM HERE, AND APPARANTLEY FOR A REASON) WE SO TAKE FOR GRANTED OUR HEALTH, AND NEVER REALIZE THE CONSEQUENCES OF OUR LIVES AND OUR BEHAVIOR FROM THE PAST/ we are not to question that. its in the LORDS HANDS. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR ENCOURAGING WORDS. IT COULDNT HAVE COME AT A BETTER TIME. ruthie

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    Your question is very stimulating, however, preaching baffled it. Do you think God needs friends or anybody to be in relation with? Anyway, I think we are created to think about the answer to your question and about how to make this temporary life an eternal one; "I have come so that they can have life and better one." And in so doing, we are searching, and sure those who search will find, and when we find we will know and glorify HIM. "Whosoever knocks at the door, it shall be opened for him; whosoever seeks will find." And the ultimate conclusion is to enjoy life; "I ask you not to take them away from the world, but to keep them from evil." and "So that people would see your good deeds and glorify your father who art in heaven."

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    I don't like this God and believe that we don't know the purpose of our life.

    Personally, I think our lives are not worth thinking too highly of and really think most of us are in some dumb fantasy world.

    My belief is that we are all dreamers of a dream. Were were we before we were born anyway?

    Why are gorillas so much like humans?

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    one time

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    Whats the point? I am asking where is the point of life...!

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    always. everytime when i haven't find it...But, now i've found it and i don't need to think about it anymore. What i think about is just how i can walk by that point..

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    most of the is great ;I think everybody should ask himself why is the world created for!

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    Almost never, I worked out long ago there is no 'point' to life, why should there be?

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    Never.......i know what the purpose of my life is..........dedication to God.

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    You are not asking a question, you are preaching. Stop that. Nobody needs your silly notions of "truth" all over again.

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