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Everytime I turn around my brother is doing something to bother/torture me.?

My brother is 21 and I am 23 and we both still live at home! I leave him alone and try to stay far far away. Like aims and shoots his pellet gun at me. Spits on me and throws stuff at me. He hasnt laid his hands on me lately, but in the past he has. I cant even go outside to leave or come home (he always outside) because I am SCARED! Whats his problem?

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    He's 21 but acting like he is 10 tell your parents and have them put a stop to it, he is way to old to be acting like that.

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    Was this before or after your "roomate" pee'd on your car???

    Well I doubt you are real but I will play along anyhow!

    He is amusing himself by bullying you the way siblings like to do. If you can't tolerate get an apt and don't tell him where you are!

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    your brother needs to grow up! 21 and playing kids games? don't give him any reactions as that is what he is looking for when he is bugging you, pretty soon he should find someone to bug, if not he needs to get some friends.

    could also play his game and humiliate him in front of his friends or girlfriend. teach him a lesson

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    I think your brother is just showing you that he cares for you and want to enjoy your time together as siblings before you leave. Give him a chance and have fun with him. Show him your love.

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    He's trying to get attention from you. See how u would react. If you cant tortorate his behaviour, you should put a stop to it by asking him why he want to do this to you. You are elder than him. Shouldn't him be showing any respect for you? And you are upset with him.

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    If he kept on Bullying you...fight back!!

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    tell ur parents what he's doing and then if he doesnt stop, then beat him up lol

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    he is still rly inmiture!

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