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aboriginal dreaming, land and identity and how they are linked???

can someone explain these things and how they are linked. i get the dreaming part but not the other two. especially identity, i have no idea what that is or means

help appreciated, thx

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    I am not exactly sure what you are asking..I know a lot about the Aboriginals and their cultures, as i am Australian, and have aboriginal friends...So you know that the dreamtime is a collection of stories about the creation and early days of life on this planet...You know that the animals played a big part in this and that their gods can be an animal? Also ,and i think this is what you are asking, every person has a spiritual guide, that is an animal, much like the native Americans and the pagans/wiccans....Strange isn't it that a nation left to its own devises, without the christian beliefs thrust down their throats, had come to much the same beliefs that the oldest "religion" known to man(pagan)?! I think that that in itself tells us much! I would be happy to help if you have any specific questions, my email address is on my stats page..

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