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    A space suit is a complex system of garments, equipment and environmental systems designed to keep a person alive and comfortable in the harsh environment of outer space. This applies to extra-vehicular activity (EVA) outside spacecraft orbiting Earth and has applied to walking, and riding the Lunar Rover, on the Moon.

    Some of these requirements also apply to pressure suits worn for other specialized tasks, such as high-altitude reconnaissance flight. Above Armstrong's Line (~63,000 ft/~19,000 m), pressurized suits are needed in the sparse atmosphere. Hazmat suits that resemble space suits are also used when dealing with certain types of biological hazards.

    Spacesuit requirements

    Several things are needed for the space suit to function properly in space. It must provide:

    * A stable internal pressure. This can be less than earth's atmosphere, as there is usually no need for the spacesuit to carry nitrogen. Lower pressure allows for greater mobility, but introduces the requirement of pre-breathing to avoid decompression sickness.

    * Breathable oxygen. Circulation of cooled and purified oxygen is controlled by the Primary Life Support System.

    * Temperature regulation. Heat can only be lost in space by thermal radiation, or conduction with objects in physical contact with the space suit. Since heat is lost very slowly by radiation, temperature is regulated by a Liquid Cooling Garment and heavy insulation on the hands and possibly feet.

    * Shielding against harmful electromagnetic radiation

    * Shielding against particle radiation

    * Protection against micrometeoroids, provided by a Thermal Micrometeoroid Garment, which is the outermost layer of the suit

    * Mobility

    * A communication system

    * Means to recharge and discharge gases and liquids

    * Means to maneuver, dock, release, and tether on space craft

    American suit models

    * Mercury high-altitude/vacuum suit

    * Gemini spacewalk suits

    * MOL space suits

    * Apollo and Skylab EVA and moon suits

    * Advance Crew Escape System Pressure Suit on the Space Shuttle

    * Shuttle/ISS EMU on both the Space Shuttle and International Space Station

    NASA Constellation Space Suit System

    On August 2, 2006, NASA indicated plans to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the design, development, certification, production, and sustaining engineering of a space suit system to meet the needs of Project Constellation.[2] NASA forsees a single suit capable of supporting: survivability during launch, entry and abort; zero-gravity EVA; lunar surface EVA; and Mars surface EVA.

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