if i become a car salesman at a dealership, how fast could i move up?

what positions are available and how well do they generally pay? thanx

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  • Vicky
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    1 decade ago
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    Once you become a car salesman, you may not want to move up.

    That may sound absurd to you but trust me, Ive been there & done that.

    1st of all it is easy to get a job as a salesman. But becoming a good salesperson is not as easy.

    Being a sales manager is like being being a salesperson with:

    a title on your business card

    a lot more responsibilities

    a lot more stress

    a lot more meetings

    a lot more hours


    no more benefits

    actually a good salesperson often makes more money than their managers!

    They can work as many or as little hours as neccessary & can sell as many vehicles as they want or are able to.

    There is no "cap" or ceiling, & skill levels (& income) are gained with studying & experience.

    Discrimination is usually not a factor, they cannot pay you any more or any less based on your gender, race, religion, age, etc.

    You are in control.

    Besides all that,without good salespeople, there is no need for a sales manager.

    Salespeople are a dime a dozen.

    But good salespeople can get a job anywhere in the world, anytime they want.

    Sales Managers and F&I Managers come & go.

    I've been at the same dealer for 7 years & worked with about 6 different F&I managers (myself included, I filled in for 1 year after we got rid of one, but I am thankful to be back on the sales floor)

    I've also seen 3 Internet Managers come & go.

    My sales Managers (3 brothers) are also my owners so they don't get "fired" but sales managers at other dealers often do.

    Source(s): in the auto business since 1983
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Move up to where? There are generally only three positions above a Floor Salesman; Sales Manager, General Manager and Dealership Owner. You can be the top salesman very quickly. Moving up to any of those other positions is going to take many, many years.

  • 1 decade ago

    Get knowledge.Read the advertising for the car that you are selling before your customer.read the owner manual.Identify and classify your customer.

    Some person are just looking for the appearance of the; it is pretty,it in fashion.Some person want to have a model that not everybody want.About engineers, the look for very technical and deeper information; they can ask you about the torque of the engine; in a pick-up they want to known it the pick-up force can handle the load for his boat and the force will be ok when his it pulling it (the boat ) out of the ocean.

    But the most important make a comparison with your fellow salesman.Who sales more car, you need too get closer a far away for his number.Maybe you can sell less car but they are more expensive so you are making more money.money is the key.

    Dress pretty good,get shave.Buy magazine like consumer report.Read about selling technique.

    Gongo Ranger.

  • 1 decade ago

    The more you sell, the better the perks.Not easy with so much competition.You will need the 'gift of gab' and the knowledge of all the kinds of vehicles you will be selling.Every Dealership is different because of many variables.

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  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    Your love of automobiles is exceedingly meaningless somewhat. Its like me while i grew to become into youthful desirous to be a inventory broking service because of fact I enjoyed shares & the marketplace. It has no longer something to do with it. the warm button is I didnt comprehend lots of severe internet properly worth those that i might desire to get to purchase shares. Many sellers are & have been hurting for years. Salesman are value in basic terms and in case you do no longer sell adequate automobiles, you would be shown the door. Many/maximum tend to hire much extra salesman than they % because of fact new vehicle salesman tend to sell automobiles to kinfolk & friends and those are revenues the broker does no longer have possibly gotten had they no longer employed the salesperson. Many in basic terms hire human beings 25+ with a good using record for coverage applications. the warm button is its you & a telephone e book. are you able to prospect & locate 6-8 clientele in line with month, carry them to the dealership & have them purchase automobiles from you ? do no longer snigger, that's what salesman are expected to do. they do no longer % excuses, they % revenues. how are you able to offer them revenues while the final 4 adult adult males they have been given rid of couldnt ?

  • 1 decade ago

    Fast if they have Elevators!!!!:)

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