how to cure my acne?

do you know any home made products? or can you give me some tips to lessen my pimples?

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    hi!well friend u should apply neem and tulsi leaves grind them and make a paste and apply.u can also apply lemon mixed with a pinch of turmeric.i m sure these tips will definetely help u!

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    Anything that appears on your face must be treated with much care! Do find out the cause for your pimples before trying out any products. It could be stress, change in hormones, allergy, etc. Wash your face in the morning and before bed and apply gel-based moisturiser. Drink alot of water, plenty of sleep and avoid the sun. If you have or can find aloe vera plants, you can slice the stem into half and use the jelly like transparent substance to apply onto affected area. Or use diluted tea tree oil to apply on affected area.

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    If you don't want to spend any money on acne products I suggest using some of the home cures in the article below. Best of luck my friend.

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    Drink water, don't wash your face. Just rinse your face with real hot water. That will take off the extra oil, and leave what you need.

    Words of Wisdom:

    A watched pimple, never goes away.

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    proactiv solutions!!

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