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Should Sen. John Edwards have kept his wife's cancer a low key private family affair, or tried to?

Or are you impressed with their willingness to be on Tv about it constantly. I guess you can tell it turned me off. I would've been more impressed if he'd waited for the media to root it out and then maybe answered some simple Qs, made a statement and kept it off the front burner after that.


since someone asked, I would have made a campaign issue out of not talking about it. After initial explanations, none of your damn business, if I have something to say, I'll call you.

Update 2:

lots of opinions. thanks everyone.

Update 3:

he may not be, but it has an aroma of milking the sympathy vote.

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    It would have come out. They go through peoples trash bins these days. Look at the media circus over Anna Nicole (who no one really wants to keep hearing about). I think they just wanted to head it off before it was turned into a soap opera on all the shows. The media would have made it into a "what were they hiding" story and a big conspiracy. It's just ridiculous these days. There really is no good way to handle it, i think they did an okay job. You are assuming that they would have had much more control over the spin put on the story. I don't doubt that they would have loved to keep it private and low key - fat chance though. Do you really think they want reporters asking their kids what they would feel when Mommy dies?

    How would you face it - confronted with both your own mortality and a media circus?

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    Edwards and his wife proved that even through their private pain that being forthright with the problem was the right thing to do. She could become First Lady within 2 years. How more intimate can one lady or one campaign be with the American people by telling the public of her health problems? Betty Ford, Nancy Reagan all did the same thing. The Edwards' also lost a 16-year old son in a traffic accident and shared and endured his loss with his constituency with grace. It all shows good character, grace under pressure, and a willingess to carry on, as they said, "for the country they love so much".

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    If he'd waited for the media to root it out, people would have been asking, "Why the secrecy?" They're public figures, after all.

    Beyond that, I don't think we have the right to ask "should" about such a terrible situation--just to wish Mrs. Edwards the best and keep focusing on the issues.

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    Everyone knew something was going on when he stopped campaigning. If he were just to leave, take off for a week, and come back with zero explanation it would've led to a lot of speculation. They were right to be upfront.

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    I think if he drags her through the rough road of a campaign for president he will be signing his wife's death certificate before elections end.

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    Although I'm no Edwards supporter, he has handled this admirably and correctly I believe. No secrets are best.

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    Its a good thing. That isn't our place to nose into the affairs of others.

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