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Another Bush Cabinet Official resigning?..A.G. Gonzo Gonzales for lying to Congress,OH well what's new?

Goonzales and his chief of saff,and an aid all leaving?. Will Bush ever run out of incompetent, frauds to give important government positions to, or is the G.O.P. list limitless of these kind of imposters?

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    When the Bush administration has mismanagement issues publicized, they always find a patsy to blame it on, and to fire.

    In the past, it was Libby (CIA leak) and Brown (Katrina).

    This time, it will be Alberto Gonzales and his staff.

    It seems like there are new problems being unearthed every month...

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    So such achievement for Bush that we are "establishing democracy" in Iraq. Yet at the same time Bush and company are doing there best to erode away our foundation of democracy.

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    What do you expect With Iraqis running around lying about people they dont know and bringing about disatification amongst our young to misguide them to believeing against our president. If he had'nt attacked in Iraq, Alquida would still be here killing all for nothing. Only insane people murder and dont care about themselves.

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    Yet another fringe liberal with no real ideas and a closet full of tin-foil hats.

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