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THINKING of changing from pads to tampons, good idea?

My mum is dead against it.... will it make life easier or am i just complicating things? I'v read up about it but there is nothing like personal experience right? please help!


thanx everybody, this also got me asking, how long is 'too' long and will it really pop my cherry... ??

Update 2:

oh and my mum is dead against it cos of the tixic shock syndrome thing,,, she's just looking out for me!

Update 3:

toxic* not tixic

Update 4:

oh god only 4 hours and it will break my hymen?? thats awful...!

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    Alot of women really like using tampons instead of pads because of a pads bulkiness. The can be convenient, and once you are used to them they are easy to use, and simple to dispose of. One thing with tampons is you have to make sure you change them frequently as you certainly don't want toxic shock syndrome, also you only want to use the least amount of protection necessary, ie don't go out and think to get Supers when your 14 years old and have a light flow, in that case obviously you'd get "juniors" or the equavilent.

    Obviously with you are active in swimming or such you will definitely want to use tampons so you don't miss out.

    Mum is probably simply concerned about her little girl, and troubles you may encounter, lots of mums still believe (believe it or not) the old myth that tampons will make you loose your virginity...thats not right! maybe she thinks that the boys will find out and tease you about "being a ^*&$" or what ever. My mom was the same although that was many years ago. My mom was never in favour of them either, she didn't agree until I was going on a spring break trip to Europe in grade 12! But then it really wasn't her fault, she didn't even have her period anymore, and when I got mine she still thought protection was these god awful HUGE pads that you had to wear a belt like thing with!!! Can you imagine, she didn't even know that pads came sticky and so darn thin they hardly exist.

    Anyway, as far as I'm concerned I think a girl/woman should be able to pick her own method of protection, heck its you using it, but talk to mum about it again, maybe if she realizes that you have lots of information she may change her mind. who knows. But I don't think really one way or the other your miss much!!! Me, I use both pads, pantyliners and tampons, I've even tried sponges (good until you have a sneeze), and caps (also great just a little messy). One thing though I would suggest if you are going to start using Tampons, use a pad at night, just to be safe OK!!

    Good Luck!!

    ***In regards to your additional comments:

    average 4 hours maximum I'd say and like I said up top wear a pad at night. I'd say if you have medium flow use one before school, change a lunch, then say around dinner and then use a pad until morning. BUT Always watch for

    fever (like sudden high temp. 101 degrees say), pain, vomiting,(oh its always in every box--all the symptoms of TSS) if that happens take the tampon out and go to hospital.

    It is scary and it does happen occasionally, but if your smart about it and responsible you shouldn't have trouble. And like the other girls said "make sure you take it out" theres always somebody that has a story, mine was a girl I knew who forgot and had sex with her boyfriend (she wasn't impressed explaining that to a)the doctor at the hospital and b) her mom) Horrible!!! Anyway best wishes.

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    I got my first period at age 11. I used pads untill I turned 13. I have used tampons since I was 13. I'm 24 now. I find tampons to be a little spcial gift from God to us! They are THAT great compapred to messy pads. At least in my opinion. I don't think you should worry about toxic shock syndrome if you always use the lowest absorbancy and take them out as directed. I have had no problems with them. They may be hard to get in the first few times, and they may be some-what 'weird' feeling until you get use to them. But when you do get used to them you will be sooooo thankful that you switched. They are so much cleaner and sanitary. I personally think pad's are just messy and gross. I would never ever go back to using only pads.

    Good Luck!

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    it is for sure a good idea! the best ever. you will like them soooooo much better then pads. alot of mothers are against it cuz they think you can break your hymen ( a piece of skin that is over the openning of the vagina ) its a religous thing, that skin is only to be broken threw marriage and crap like that, anyway, I was born with out one and alot of women don't have them and also alot of girls have broken those anyway without tampons or intercourse.

    but back to your question, they are so easy to use. when you first start using it, you will be a little nervous, try to go by the directions that come in the box. also this is the best tip. when you put your very first one in ( alot of girls want to take it right out afterward just to see what it feels like ) that can be painful. so please let it stay in for at least two to four hours so that it can get fluids on it and not be painful for removal. once its in you shouldn't be able to feel a thing. no more sticky wet pads to change so often , no more messy leaks. you will love the switch! you can do any sport with them in and the best part is swimming, nobody will know your on your period!

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    no it wont break your hymen, i did and it was the best change i ever made lol. they are so much more comfertable and you dont even feel them. buy a back and read the information leaflet inside or even speak to your doctor, its not your mums choice its yours, as it is your body.

    ohh and dont worry about toxic shock syndrome it is so rare most doctors have not see a single case and las just remeber millions of women around the world use them every day, so dont worry sweetie! as long as you change say 4-5 times a day you will be fine. and before it gets seriouse you will get very strong symptons. but trust me as long as your hygenic there is not a thing to worry about.

    i do know how you feel i felt the same but i look back and laugh now.

    Source(s): me i have been using them for about 6 years
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    I love tampons, they are sooo much more comfortable. They will NOT break your hymen! Just be sure to change them often. I also suggest wearing a pad to bed instead of a tampon, cause you never know when you are going to oversleep and it will decrease the chance of TSS.

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    I think it's a great idea. I made the switch and never went back! Just make sure you read the directions, don't forget to take it out and don't leave it in for to long. Just try it, the worst thing that'll happen is you won't like it.

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    This is me: Bows to the tampon swami!

    Its the best thing to ever happen to a girl! Yes, its easier and cleaner. Just be sure you follow the instructions closely. It takes practice, so don't get discouraged in the beginning.

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    I also use tampons and I have nothing against them, just bear in mind to follow the directions

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    You should atleast try it and make a decision for yourself. its your body whatever makes your life easier is whats best. personally i cant wear them due to my pelvic bone being so narrow and its just not comfortable but if that wasnt a problem you can bet i would have used them all the time.

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    Just remember to take them out, lol. My art teacher back in high school had to go to the hospital because she put on another tampon and forgot she had one inside already.

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