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How do I do a punching combo?

A kid at school wants to fight me tomorrow and I don't know how to fight. I think a combo would be best. So I can take him down in one go. I can practice all night if I need to. I have two 4kg weights which I can were on my wrists. These are helpful, I just need to know the moves as well!

Maybe if someone can show diagrams as well?

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    Check this out:

    And this:

    Check out some videos of Kimbo doing his thing. Just search google for "Kimbo". You'll get the hang of it.

    Also, see this:

    And pay close attention to #2.

    And this (here is what you are looking for):

    Hope this helps!

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    Man, if you've got a kid who's antagonistic towards you, and there's no way to win by not fighting...

    Best method for a non-fighter may be to plan a block-counterstrike defense. Practice for speed-your counter should surprise your adversary with its speed and accuracy.

    A counterstrike also allows your opponent to fully commit to an offensive technique-often the un practiced foe hasn't thought beyond his first blow.

    Perhaps if you're both waiting for the other to throw hands first, then you'll get tired and forget about the whole thing.

    Truth is, there's lots better ways to learn self-defense than overnight, under duress and on the web.

    If possible, I'd give it a pass, enroll in some Karate dojo nearby, and reschedule the whole thing. If your life's threatened, and you're your only defense aim for the eyes, throat, groin, knees. Use whatever for a weapon, keys-if you don't carry golf clubs around. All is fair if its all-out kill-or-be-killed, so swing for the cheapseats, but for chrissakes, pick your battles! Better to find some commonality thru which you can work out your differences-he prolly doesn't want to fight either.

    Geez, I hope you just forget about it, kid.

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    First off avoid fights if possible. Especially if the guy is bigger then you or has more experience. If you have to tell a teacher or someone with authority that he's threatening you but ask that they not tell anyone that you told. They can make up some story about how they heard through the grapevine that he was looking to fight you and he'll get in trouble without you being embarrassed about telling.

    If you must fight (or just want to), figure out what rules, if any, you'll agree to. If there are few rules aim for the temple and ear area rather then straight on. This area of the skull is softer and is less likely to hurt your fists. Also knife hand attacks and palm strikes rather then punches will protect your hands and do just as much damage. If he says there are no rules throw in some kicks to keep him off guard too and aim a knife hand attack to the side of his neck. You can knock someone out with this kind of attack. To do a combo simply throw the first punch straight out like a jab but as it lands or reaches full extension your other hand snaps out in a hook punch to the side of the head. Don't let the pace be 1 then 2, make it so they land within a second of each other or they will be easy to see coming. Also don't always combo with the same hand first, so if you normally lead with your left jab and then a right hook, swap to throwing a right jab and a left hook. Or mix it up a bit with a right hook followed by a left palm strike to the nose.

    Keep your hands on guard at all times, even if your arms get tired don't let them drop. A proper guard is up over your face but out of your line of sight so keep it below the eyes. Also don't get your guard too close to your face or the first punch you block will push your hands into your own nose. If you see his guard get too high or too close go ahead and hit his guard to make him hit himself in the face. Pull your hands back to on guard right after punching to keep from being an open target.

    Lastly the best time to attack is not after he attacks, but while he's attacking. If he has one hand out to punch you that's less of a guard against your punches. If you can block his punch and counter strike at the same time you'll have an advantage. Also be ready if this turns into a ground fight that you may need to grapple, the old head lock is a good move but make sure your pressure is under the chin, not the side of the neck. This is a common mistake made when grappling. If he gets on top of you keep one hand on guard while punching his gut with the other, aim just around the belly button to knock the wind out of him and make his abs hurt. Side attacks work too but try to make them hit the same spot over and over again. Bodyblows don't work if you only throw a few of them, they need to be a bunch of them to the same spot.

    Please try to avoid fighting though. Seriously, as someone who used to fight a lot and has seen a lot of fights I can tell you it's not worth it. You can die from a simple schoolyard fight.

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    Well you know that fighting is going to hurt right, so if you agree to fight with this guy It Is going to hurt. Thats just a fact.

    Ok now you are aware of the situation, you've bought your ticket, so you go and watch the show, and go home with a black eye.

    Or just go home and play video games.


    Not to hard to figure it out.

    ps ask mom and dad for some karate lessons for Christmas...


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    you should try to resolve it without fighting. Try to talk it out. Violence against violence never work and never ends. Please look at the wars in middle East. After a fight even if you win, you have got broken fingers and he gets broken nose. It is still a lose-lose situation. If you break down the chinese word of 'Wu', it means 'stop fighting'. However, in order to do that, you need to know how to fight and then you can think of the way to stop the fight. Winnig without fighting is the best style.

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    two or more punches strung together in succession or semi simultaneously, forms a combo.

    If you don't know how to fight then I suggest you just piss on him.

    You might proceed to get your *** kicked, but it would be worth it as this guy will never ever challenge you again for fear fo bieng pissed on and subjected to ridicule to be known as the "piss boy".

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    One i've got been fooling around with recently is jab-bypass-rear uppercut-lead hook. that is somewhat awkward yet combines 2 bread-and-butter mixtures in a particularly stable series. in the event that they disguise up in accordance with the jab-bypass, the uppercut will chop up their look after and pa the top up in time for a hook. additionally, i like something with distinctive jabs. it style of feels to throw off people's rhythms somewhat.

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    just break his nose, it will bleed, he will cry, and he will leave you alone. all you need is one good strike to the hose. try and settle it without a fight though.

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    only a retard would give you specific techniques on this forum.lucky for you theres plenty on here.

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    Jab, hook, jab, hook, haymaker, repeat

    Just keep punchin until he goes down

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