What can we do as society to make sure young women excel in College and not end up strippers etc?

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    where are the parents? It is not societies responsibility to make sure young women excell in their lives. Women are EQUAL in this society, and it is the individual woman that needs to make sure that she excells in College and not end up as a stripper. But we live in an age where EVERYONE has a choice, and alot of women CHOOSE to be strippers. It is good money quick if she has the right assets, to fund her way through college which alot of women do. The argument that it is degrading towards women is ridiculous. The sex that this profession really degrades but no one cares about is men. Strippers use their girl powers to seperate as much money as they can from their customers. Strippers exploit the male persona for their personal gain. There is nothing degrading about making hundreds of dollars a night for dancing. It is a different story for the guy spending hundreds of dollars just to watch. I call that guy a sucker.

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    Caesarian - spot on. I mean seriously do you really have to ask this question? Sometimes the most obvious answers in life are smack right in front of you and you have to actually ask others.

    Obviously education will allow women (and men) to excel in College. That is a given. And no strippers aren't all idiots since several of them are actually supplementing their college tuition with dancing.

    Women are excelling in College tremendously without any need for society to assist them. Many of my friends and family have done well in college without any assistance.

    What you should be really asking is how do we stop the degradation of the image of women. How do we assist women in GETTING to college, not excelling? They are more then capable of handling college on their own. Their pretty smart despite what your videos show.

    Jeesh the audacity of celebrities.

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    Well, I did not go to college, but I'm a Dog Training Instructor, not a stripper. Why do you think they all end up as strippers? Where do you live, anyways? I think more women would go to college if it did not cost so much money is a big issue.

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    Well the family as a basic unit of the society has primordial role in guiding a child to learn socially acceptable values and norms. The community also plays a vital role in molding young girls brains by having proper channels or centers of learning. We just have to make sure that one is fully guided and educated before one has to make decisions, decisions that are not affected much by the television (media). Be more subtle with your queries next time cause there's a bit of labeling there.

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    Haha Suge Knight, are you kidding me? Awesome. Anyway, I think that the first step would of course be to ensure that there is no discrimination for women. This will ultimately lead to good moral leaders that females will look up to and want to emulate. Also, Suge, you could help by not having all of those slutty looking backup dancers in the rap videos. Of course they're nice to look at, and I enjoy it, but if you want more lower class women turning to college and education over stripping and prostitution, that would be a start.

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    What's wrong with stripping?

    Did you automatically assume that strippers are uneducated...that they do what they do because they have no other opportunities?

    Nothing could be farther from the truth, sir...


    In response to Baba Yaga (okay...),

    Seems you missed the point entirely...but I do not find it very surprising, as you seem to be one who derives wisdom from an aged blowhard on television, thirty minutes at a time.

    My point was that Suge was making a very rash generalization...I know this for a fact, as I've worked in a couple of clubs, and got to know a few dancers. By in large, I found them to be intelligent, responsible members of society...sure, there were a few that I personally did not like, but I hasten to add that you can find degenerates just as easily in some boardrooms...resumes and CVs notwithstanding.

    As for your last question...irrelevant, as I do not have a daughter. Would you be heartless enough to disown YOUR daughter if you found out that she was dancing to keep food on her table? Don't be so quick to judge folks, ma'am...until you've stepped a couple of miles in their shoes.

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    Actually many women work as strippers along with their studies because otherwise they couldn't afford their studies. It would be possible to decrease the number of women who work like strippers by lowering the fees or providing sponsorship for students whose families can't afford to pay for their education.

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    Making sure financially its possible, making sure they develop high self-esteem. This needs to be instilled in them from a young age. A lot of strippers ironically deep down seem like they don't have high self-esteem.

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    Women outnumber men in college!

    You are a mangina - a man who buys into the feminist nonsense that woman are downtrodden.

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    How about we make sure they excel as strippers and start giving free lap dances

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