Are there any middle eastern countries that oppose Iran and that are concerned about the nuclear program?

Other than Isreal who else opposes Iran in that area and why if you know.

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    1 decade ago
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    Saudi Arabia is a Sunni nation. Iran is a Shia nation. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has an intense hatred of Ahmadinejad because of his support of Shia killing squads in Iraq who are attacking Sunni minorities, almost at will. He has said that if US troops leave Iraq that it may be eventual that he will order Saudi troops in to Iraq to protect the Sunnis. They strongly dislike Iran's threats, especially their nuclear program. Jordan also has said that they will undergo their own nuclear power program to counterbalance Iran's growing threat in the region. Also all the moderate Gulf states in the region are fearful of Iran's militant behavior. Iran can easily stop the oil flow in the Straits of Armuz if they are threatened or attacked. No civilized nation in the region would want to see that happen. That would definitely be a prelude to a wide-scale war.

  • cantcu
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    1 decade ago

    What nuclear program? The one that Bush says they have and he is always wrong, or the building of a power plant which is perfectly legal under the NPT!

    They have to enrich uranium to 5% to get a plant to run and to 98% for a nuclear device! Which they could not do over the next decade. Then they need a delivery system!

    Why all the hysteria over Iran? I don't see their ships off our coasts or their aircraft, but you can bet they see ours since Bush sent a who;e battle group including a nuke sub, and several missile launching ships, All capable of multi warhead nuclear devices!

    You really want that much power in the hands of a man who has been an alcoholic for years and I bet he has had many blackouts!

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    I heard Saudi Arabia is. Its primarily a Sunni nation and it is afraid of practically any Arab nation, since it has a small population and a large area to defend. Its afraid that Iran is gaining to much influence in the middle east.

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    in the previous Iran, it grew to become into called Persia. they % to flow decrease back and have the Persian Empire back and be on top of issues of the excellent middle East. Saudi Arabia is afraid they are going to invade and do away with their oil. while on top of issues of the oil they are in a position to administration the international.

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    If any, my guess would be either Kuwait or the UAE due to their moderate and prosperous national status. But then again, the region is known for under the table political financing that needs to be brought to light.

  • Anonymous
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    Israel is the only one that seems to have a problem with Iran in that area, But then again who doesn't Israel have a problem with?

    Source(s): Jew Watch
  • 1 decade ago

    Turkey and Jordan might also have "issues" with Iran, besides Israel.

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    dont be happy.

    if usa attack iran..iranians homeless will immigrate to usa

  • 1 decade ago

    no only bushy

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