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is there anything that can get rid of my acne scars???

i wanna get rid of some acne scars that i have. is there any cream or lotion that can get rid of them... and fast.

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    there are ways to get rid of acne scars, but the treatments depend on what type of scars you have.

    For instance:

    Ice-pick scars usually occur on the cheek. They are usually small, with a somewhat jagged edge and steep sides—like wounds from an ice pick. Ice-pick scars may be shallow or deep, and may be hard or soft to the touch. Soft scars can be improved by stretching the skin; hard ice-pick scars cannot be stretched out.

    Depressed fibrotic scars are usually quite large, with sharp edges and steep sides. The base of these scars is firm to the touch. Ice-pick scars may evolve into depressed fibrotic scars over time.

    Soft scars, superficial or deep are soft to the touch. They have gently sloping rolled edges that merge with normal skin. They are usually small, and either circular or linear in shape.

    Atrophic macules are usually fairly small when they occur on the face, but may be a centimeter or larger on the body. They are soft, often with a slightly wrinkled base, and may be bluish in appearance due to blood vessels lying just under the scar. Over time, these scars change from bluish to ivory white in color in white-skinned people, and become much less obvious.

    Follicular macular atrophy is more likely to occur on the chest or back of a person with acne. These are small, white, soft lesions, often barely raised above the surface of the skin—somewhat like whiteheads that didn’t fully develop. This condition is sometimes also called "perifollicular elastolysis." The lesions may persist for months to years.

    Scar treatments currently available are:

    Collagen injection. Collagen, a normal substance of the body, is injected under the skin to "stretch" and "fill out" certain types of superficial and deep soft scars. Collagen treatment usually does not work as well for ice-pick scars and keloids.

    Autologous fat transfer. Fat is taken from another site on your own body and prepared for injection into your skin. The fat is injected beneath the surface of the skin to elevate depressed scars.

    Dermabrasion. Thought to be the most effective treatment for acne scars. Under local anesthetic, a high-speed brush or fraise used to remove surface skin and alter the contour of scars. Superficial scars may be removed altogether, and deeper scars may be reduced in depth. Dermabrasion does not work for all kinds of scars. In darker-skinned people, dermabrasion may cause changes in pigmentation.

    Microdermabrasion. A surface form of dermabrasion. Rather than a high-speed brush, microdermabrasion uses aluminum oxide crystals passing through a vacuum tube to remove surface skin.

    Laser Treatment. May be used to recontour scar tissue and reduce the redness of skin around healed acne lesions. The type of laser used is determined by the results that the laser treatment aims to accomplish.

    Skin Surgery. Some ice-pick scars may be removed by "punch" excision of each individual scar.

    Skin grafting may be necessary under certain conditions.

    Treatment of keloids.

    Good luck

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    I use alcohol and cotton pads to make skin smooth and after that I put on pure coconut oil for moisturizing. I have gotten rid of my brown spots from acne by using this method. Corn meal mixed with a little water to make a paste will smooth and soften the skin and get rid of scars too. I have used soap and salt as an excellent exfoliant. Coconut oil will not break you out either. You may see a few bumps in the first few days, but after that you will have wonderfully clear skin.

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    Few days back, I too had the same question in my mind - how to get rid of acne scars ? I was confused and tensed. I really wanted to get rid of it at the earliest possible.

    I stumble upon this website

    They guided me all the way to complete removal of the scars, without any surgery and any severe medications.

    It was all in the natural way. Now My skin is again beautiful and it glows and shines. I dont worry a bit now about the acne scars

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    I'm not sure that you mentioned this one, Tretinoin? I used to have horrible acne, on my cheeks, forehead, under my mouth, EVERYWHERE. i have been using tretinoin cream (retin-A) 0.1% (strongest one) for a while now. I started with the weaker strengths then moved up to the 0.1%. I reccomend this to any with mild acne with pus pimples. My skin has cleared up soo much and all my friends ask me what I use. At first your acne may get worse in the first week but after that its all good. A bit drying, may peel your skin but its all normal. I use rose-hip oil mixed with moistoriser during the day because it keeps my skin from drying, and helps clear up my acne scars a LOT! then I use the pimple cream at night. I'm going to a dermatoligist tomorrow though because of some old scars from squeezing! DO NOT SQUEEZE. drink PLENTYY of water and get good sleep =) I have tried SOO many things try thiss!

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    Right now my skin is perfectly clear, for the first time in 3 years. It's been about 9 weeks and all my acne is gone. It is such a great feeling to wake up with clear skin.

    Holistic Acne Treatment Guide?

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    You can't get rid of scars but you can reduce the appearance of them. There are lots of scar creams out there but if you need treatment on your face, I'd talk to a dermatologist...And with these ointments it takes a lot of time.

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    Follicular Macular Atrophy

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    A dermatoligist may be able to help u . They can work wonders. Rouge or preferably talcum powder covers it up quite nicely if ur going out.

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    the safest way to deal with it is to check with your dermatologist. i know some way like microdermabrasion, TCA, laser treatment.

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    There may be something of use here.

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