Just how old of a fanboy or fangirl are you?

How long have you been reading comic books? How did you get hooked into comics? What was the first comic book you can recall reading? I am 39, and the first comic book I can recall reading is Amazing Spider-Man #184 (with Man-Wolf). I had also read X-men featuring the Ani-Men, and Capt. America around this time (1978).

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    Wow. I supplemented my reading skills from comic books my mom had around to help her with her English. Both my parents were immigrants. My Dad got to the US just before WWII - alone, at age 14. My mom got here just after WWII when the laws changed and my grandfather was able to bring his family over (He'd been here since before the Depression, but wasn't allowed to bring his wife over. He used to have to go back to China to see his wife. My mom was born when he was back in the US, working.)

    Anyway, my first comics were Archie and Richie Rich. That was around 1961. I also read comics my mom's younger siblings had. Here I was introduced to Superman, Batman, Captain America and some literary classics comic books (with things like Beowulf, The Man In The Iron Mask, etc..)

    Once I had a little disposable income and could buy my own (regular size comics cost $.12 - up from the $.10 cover prices of my uncle and aunt's comics - the special editions were $.25) I remember really liking Sargeant Rock and Easy Company (it was the early/middle '60's before war became unpopular and not P.C.), and The Metal Men from DC Comics.

    I pretty much stopped buying comics around the time Batman, the live action TV show, came out. Marvel started doing a lot of afternoon TV shows (Spiderman, Captain America, Prince Namor, Thor, etc..) just after the Batman TV show, too. I was also living far away from the city center where the newstand I bought my comics was. Then came coin-collecting which ate up all my discretionary money. And then girls (which ate up my coin collection). I had a little bout with underground comics back in the early/mid '70's (Zap, Mickey Rat, and others) but then it was time for college.

    In the '80's I became aware of Heavy-Metal magazine. It was pretty cool. My little brother, who was about 15, was very into comic book collecting so I set him on the task to pick me up some Dr. Strange comics, a set of Howard The Duck comics, Red Sonja and a few of the "one-shot duds" that came out and died. I still have those squirrelled away in protective plastic sleeves, somewhere in the depths of a closet.

    These days I collect books, movies and music. For some strange reason I have a certain fondness for the sci-fi/fantasy genres. I may also be among the few who confess to liking Howard The Duck, the movie. Didn't care for Tobey McGuire as Spiderman. He didn't have the edge of the Peter Parker/Spiderman from the animated series. Glad to see Superman returning to live action - though I'm sorry it took Christopher Reeves' passing to do it. Enjoyed Batman Begins, too. (Christian Bale: American Psycho or Batman, it's a thin line sometimes.)

    Well, probably answered your question in the form of an autobiography. Sorry, too much time spent in faraway places....

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    I'm 28, got hooked into comics by an older brother. The first book i recall reading was Transformers #1. Got hooked on transformers when i was about 8 then around middle school age i switched to x-men. That would be around the time of the formation of Image, so 92.

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    I started getting into anime when I was a freshman in high school about three to four years ago now. That's when I actively got into it though. The debut of Animax got me hooked all the way, so I can't remember what I loved watching then because there were too many shows.

    My first time to watch stuff though was when I was much younger, so right now, I have no idea what I was watching back then. The earliest thing I do remember watching though was Cooking Master Boy.

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    I am only 24 I have been reading them since I was about 5 or so. So I guess since about 1987. My fav. Comics are Spawn and X-Men

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    i had been reading since i was 7 i started with Jughead, and then I started reading W.I.T.C.H.! Well i dont read comics that much! But i do read a lot of magazines! I dont read Naruto actually but i watch! Now im 10!

  • almost 10 years,i looked into a comic shop then i see this cominc and i liked it then i buy it,super manIII

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