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do I need a chinese work for me to do that in china?I want to make sure that the price is the lowest in china.

I don’t think the price the chinese businessman offer is the lowest in the market. It is hard for me to get all the price information in china. Do I need someone work for me in china to help me?how can i find a right person

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    I am a university student from Guangzhou, China. If you are importing products from China ,Maybe I can do something for you.

    A foreigner can’t buy the product in the lowest price,because it is hard for you to get enough inofmation of the price in the market. Also all the suppliers will tell you it is the lowest price.

    But I can help you! I will help you to find the prouducts you want to import from china ,and it is hight quality but the lowest price in the market.

    If you are imporing products from China,please tell me what you are purchasing now and the price they offer.i will find the same products but in a lower price! You do not need to pay any reward before I have help you to Complet the transaction you satisfy with.

    I am not doing business with you,but help you to do business with chinese.I just work for you to make sure that the product you buy is hight quality and the lowest price.i am not a businessman but just a student, What I need is not a high-profit but low pay for me to pay tuition.

    Contact me :


    E-mail :

    Very truly yours,

    Tony Qin

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    It is not easy to find someone that can be trust in this whole world , what people think about what is valuable thing has been change a lot and I hope you find this person, I think student is good, just take it easy and look around in China. dn't forget to try nice Chinese food overthere.

    Good luck!

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    Use a U.S.-based sourcing company, like mine:

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