which is a better course in college chemical engineering or b.s.physics? why?

my niece just finish her high school this month and is about to enter college. She's only 16, talented,well-discipline and a very smart young lady.. But she is still confuse what to take up chemical enginnering or b.s.physics? She can have a college education in the two best university here in Philippines. she's worried what will be her future after she took up this courses...

thanks for all your answers...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Way more money in Chemical engineering, although I hear that it is the hardest of the engineering disciplines.Great opportunities now too, with the price of oil so high.

    If she wants to go into physics, she'll need to get a PHD, because physics is no use in industry unless you apply it., and you can't really do more than be a professor. Physicists don't apply physics, engineers do.

    Physics is a much deeper, more theoretical discipline. Engineering is way more practical. If she wants a job, go chemical. If she wants to explore the mysteries of the origin of the universe, go physics.

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    Physics will take you further in my opinion. In physics, you will touch on chemistry, because they are related to some degree. Physics will give you a better general knowledge of how things interact, which will be common knowledge in a wide variety of fields. Chemical Engineering is pretty specific, and if you find you don't like it later, you would have wasted all that time.

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    If she plans on attending Graduate School go for Physics, since you can't do much with an undergrad in Physics. If she only wants to go for a bachelors go for Chemical Engineering.

  • 1 decade ago

    Take general education first. In time she will know what she want. She's a smart girl.

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  • 1 decade ago

    physics is much more interesting than chemical engineering. definitely physics.

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