Someone has stalked me, how can I get a new password ?

It seems I've been stalked, I can't open my ID, which I've been using from 2-3 years (,I think someone from orkut has stalked me, because, was my old ID which I used to login in orkut, but then I changed my ID to which I can't open too, and when I tried to open it in orkut, a message appeared that it was blocked but I still can't open it after I unblocked it. I really want my ID's back, but I can't open my ID with the forgot my ID option because I have forgotten my answer to the challenge question, please help.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The best thing to do is contact Yahoo and have them assist you in resetting these. If you have had to create new passwords and or usernames due to someone stalking you it may be better to not include your user names in your postings and be a little more careful not only whom can see them, but whom you give them too. Best of luck!

  • foxy
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    1 decade ago

    maybe you activated something on your pc to stop you accessing stuff.....otherwise just keep trying and guessing what your challenge question was.......not much help am i lol

    ps if you used your date of birth,city or kids names as password it isn,t hard to crack your account if you freely tell people stuff about yourself

    ps i think if someone tries several times to access your account yahoo will lock it up for a while as they keep getting password wrong...maybe just maybe thats what has happened

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