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Does Tylenol 3 help a person sleep?

I have had sleep problems since January. Probably about 2 months. I was prescribed Ambien, but it didn't help much, so I started taking Simply sleep, which did help a bit, but it's lost its touch. I was told that tylenol 3 may help. Also, I don't want to rely on pills my whole life to help me sleep. Are there any suggestions on how to get over insomnia. I have NOTHING to stress about. I eat somewhat healthy. I HATE milk, if there are ANY suggestions to help me with this, please help. Thank you!

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    I have problems sleeping a lot. Many times it's because there is something on my mind. I have found that having a journal by my bed, is an easy way to get stuff out. Just before bed, write some thoughts down. Also, try to sleep with the TV off, if you have one in your room. Don't use the computer right before you go to sleep. There are many other little things that you can do, and together they may help.

    Good luck.

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    Tylenol Insomnia

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    If you haven't already, you need to go to your doctor. This is unusual to have a headache this long without a history of chronic headaches. Migraines can last pretty long, though 13 days is still pretty long. I am not sure how hold you are, and your health history, or the manifestation of the headache - but the first thing that comes to my mind is high blood pressure. I would just take advantage of your local urgent care and get a doc to do a differential diagnosis on you, run some blood work, and get a head CT if he sees an red flags. They can give you stronger pain meds than advil. You will be so happy with something stronger - relief after 13 days will feel like heaven. Good luck!

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    Please do not use tylenol 3 for insomnia. You will get hooked on it in no time. And let me tell ya.... it's one hell of a habit to kick once you are dependant on it. Not to mention what it will do to your liver after you have been on it for a while.

    You will have to sleep eventually.

    Try staying up for a full 24 hours without any naps. I have heard that it will reset you in a way, so that you can sleep.

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    I used to work in graveyard shifts (7pm to 7am). Therefore I need to stay awake on my off days and switch over to night shift on my working days.

    I am able to sleep using the following:

    - melatonin : I took 1-2mg. I have colleagues that take up to 6 mg. The average is about 3mg. This is non additive. Another point is melatonin need no doctor's prescription. You can read more from this site

    I have even read from books on melatonin that it is an anti-aging pill. Not bad. You sleep and stop growing old.

    - use lavender aromatherapy. Lavender smell help me to sleep after a night shift.

    Some addition tips I used

    - The most important rule is not to force yourself to sleep.

    - Get a boring book with a topic you want to learn. Read until you are ready to sleep. Listen to classic music as you read.

    - No activity before you sleep. Avoid watching movies, reading ghost stories, pillow fights, exercising.

    - Keep the clock as far away as possible. The ticking make you even more afraid and awake.

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    I think Tylenol 3 can only be gotten by prescription because it has codeine in it. It WILL put you out, but can become habit forming.

    Ambien also didn't work for me, but I've heard a newer medication, ROSEREM, works for those who didn't find results with Ambien. And ROSEREM is not habit forming & can be taken only when needed. Ask your doctor about this.

    Nighty-night !


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    Insomnia (sleeplessness) is due to stress,

    dietary and medical problems. By making

    small lifestyle changes like having a fixed

    daily routine, relaxing and eating properly,

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