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What types of wood is good for sound reflection?

I'm trying to find out what types of woods are good to reflect sound so that it creates a echo. Just like when u step into a steel barrel and u shout, and the sound echoes continously...

it will be great if there are other type of material that does it besides steel and brass...

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    Sound is absorbed and scattered by soft materials and rough surfaces - so you should try a very hard wood like teak which has been smoothed and polished.

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    I don't think that you'll get as good echo results (if any at all) from a wood barrel. Wood is softer, wood barrels are make from several joined pieces, etc - non of which are conducive to good 'echos'.

  • so far as accoustics is concerned... thin cork wood is attached to the surface of any wook to have a good sound effects. why purchase a high priced wood. you can use cheap wood and fabricate it with thin cork wood linings.. I hope this initiativeness may ponder your curiosity.. Gudluck!

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    Yes, try a soft wood, and the application is crucial. You want to corrugate the surface instead of having it smooth.

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    Well, guitars are usually made from either birch, or cedar. Try those.

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