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Dont be a cribbu! Why dont YOU join the Indian cricket team and make it win?

ya i am tired of YOU cribbing all the time about the Indian team being like this and that...why arent you in it playing and winning then?

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    Well I can do it !

    But first I would love to beat the crap out of the old team !

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ! :-)

    Hahahaa Just Kidding !

    I know what you mean !

    But all the same, its Disappointing !

    I am not an Indian though !

    Better luck next time around to both Pakistan and India !

    And it is'nt the End of the World after all !

    Cheer up and Enjoy Cricket !

    Cause that is what it is ! CRICKET !

    Source(s): Just a cricket fan at heart !
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    I understand that you might be tired of hearing whatever is being talked about Indian cricket team here, but you know Had I been a cricketer and given a chance to play in the world cup, I would have given my best, what they didnt. It's not the matter of me or anybody else joining the Indian cricket team because I am not a cricketer. An Indian Cricketer, who represents the country has this responcibility to come up to the expectations of the country, if they can't they should leave the job....

    let me give you an example, A child fails in the exams and doesnt live upto the expectations of the family, your question is like asking the family to go and give the exam thierself.

    It does not happen, they are paid for playing for India not for doing advertisements and if they are not playing well, they have no rights to do the job anymore.

    Thank you for patiently reading...I make it very clear that I am not cribbing but these are the realities of Indian Cricket.

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    ...what are you talking about?

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