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what do you think of supernatural powers?

well, i really want to know that do we have supernatural/psychic powers. i have read that every human has one super talent{SPT}. if we have how can we become aware of it/ use it? plz send in ur answers.

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    What you heard is probably true but asfar as I know the just way to reach these powers is not by wishing to have them!! For example yoga believers can at a certain point in their search for God, levitate or move things with their mind, and other extrordinary abilities but their "goal" is to find the way to God and not to have the powers!! If a "normal" person would have these powers he/she could use them wrong and make great damages to others!! But accidents do happen even here, there are some called accidents of nature, where people have these tipe of power without being initated in yoga or other Ways!! Searching for the right path and not desiring them should be the only way to get them!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There is a thin Vail between life and the spiritual realm

    Some people are more in tune than otheres.

    I have the gift and often have perminisions that are mind boggling.

    I believe that I get messeges from my son who passed over four years ago. My alarm goes off when it isn't set on. It is just like my son to do something funny.

    I have predicted some very big things. I am not sure how to harness my powers.

    I have predicted deaths. I had broken up with a man and it had been two years. One day I kept thinking that in three days his mother would die. It kept crossing my mind. I wondered if I should call him or his sister.

    I figured who calls and tells someone that their mother will die.

    Well, in three days I got an email from him telling me his mother had died. I assume there was a powerful connection between him . his mother and myself. Even though we were no longer dating I had a powerful connection.

    Anyone have ideas of how to fine tune my gift.?

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    I don't believe in Supernatural Powers... Maybe extraodrinary, but not powers... They're different... People just think they have powers because of their wild imagination.. They wanted to think that they can do anything, but actually, it just remains as a "thought" and it won't change... Even though later, man would find a way to create his own supernatural powers (I'm talking about technology), well, it's because, science helped... ^_^

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    I heard that everyone has psychic capabilities. But I don't know how to hone them. I'll be checking back for a good answer. good luck

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  • Kelrec
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    if every human has at least one spt then i am not a human

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    douglas adams says that the trick to flying is to aim at the ground and miss. you could also try to fall, get someone to distract you before you hit the ground, and forget to hit it. it takes some practice, so expect a few bruises.

    x-ray vision's trickier.

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    Good as long as you use it wisely:) Every body wants super powers(i suppose) but it depends on the beholder if they would use it for good or evil...:) so there's an advantage and disadvantages to that:)

  • sultan
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    They do exist , you have to do your OWN search or if you really want to pursue & have strong bent of "MIND" towards it , s u i t a b l e conditions will start occuring, GOOD LUCK

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