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Would you go to your 10 year high school reunion? Why?

I have recently been contacted online by a former classmate letting me know about the upcoming reunion. A lot of people on the website from high school have posted life updates (for the past 10 years) and people are excited, etc. I read a couple of updates about people that mattered a little. But I kind of could care less about going to the reunion. I mean, if I were your friend, or if I cared, I would have kept in touch with you. Wouldn't I? Why do we go to these things? And then what? You see each other, you meet the kids, you exchange #s, you dont' see each other again for another 10 years....?


Like I say, I've read a few updates on people, but I just think back to how it was. I was generally accepted across all groups and had leadership roles and other lesser known roles. The people I think about are ones that I went to grade school/middle school with - then on to high school <when everything has to change>. Anyway, even though I had friends etc., I just always felt like an outsider - I swear 90% of my school belonged to one specific religion - and you always knew when they had something important going on, because they were all dressed nice. I played sports too but always felt outcasted cuz everyone else was good friends from church, church camp, or the 'sport' camp <which I could not afford as a kid>. I'm just not seeing the appeal - there are maybe 3 or 4 ppl I would like to find to contact, but ....?

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    I went to mine, and had a great time. It was fun to see everyone after all those years. That's just me though. My husband had always said we would never go to his, but after going to mine, and having a good time, he went to his. He was glad he went.

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    I've gone to all of my reunions . . . and always had a GREAT time (by the end, it seems it is never enough time). Usually a crowd of us who used to hang out (but have had lives too busy to keep up on a regular basis) go out afterwards to some club or restaurant.

    I have to admit that it IS fun (in a somewhat sick sort of way) to see some of those who were so high and mighty, when they were younger, not so high and mighty anymore. I've never heard anyone regret going. One of my friends said she didn't want to see all those old people, but had the time of her life!

    GO! You might just be surprised!


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    to tell you the truth I would have no reason to go to a 10 year reunion whenever it comes up for me. I really doubt that the friends I do have is still around where I live at...and even if I did go, what good would I do? it would just remind me of the times in high school that I wish I could go back to...and there's no use on dwelling on that kind of stuff. I wouldn't go...period.

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    Sure I would. People change. Besides, there're a few people I graduated with who I'd expect to have about 40 kids. I'd just point and laugh like a wee little school girl. :)

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    You want to go because you are curious. You can rekindle old friendship or make new friends. Talk about the good old times.

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