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contractions 33-36 min apart??? i need answers or expieriences please?

so im 80% effaced 2 1/2 cm dialated well thats how i was i week ago i dont know if i've progressed anymore anyways im 39 weeks and 4 days im due this friday but it started out me having back pain every 7 -10 min then it switched to front and back contractions every 33 to 36 min for the past 3 hours is this active labor since their coming regularily or could it still be false labor?

#2 question at this point if it is active labor how long did it take for yours to get closer together

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    this is true labour i guess,if the contractions are at regular intervals for a certain period of time then you should get ready now,they ll come close in few hours ,if its your first baby then it might take 12-24 hours and if you are a mother already then i guess you should head to hospital now coz it might be pretty quick

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    If you were already 2 1/2 cms dilated a week ago then I would speak to the midwife. I don't know where you are but in britain you are classed as being in established labour when you get to 3 cms. Sometimes at the end of pregnancy the cervix opens a little before labour. If you've been having pains, you could have dilated more so it's advisable to get the advice of a doctor or midwife! I've had 5 children and they were all very different so it's difficult to see how far on you are without being examined! Good luck!

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