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Having trouble getting this posted, 36 wks, going early??

36 Wks 3 Days, whats happening??

For some reason i don't think my first post got up there here was the actual question. Sorry bout that

36 weeks, 3 days, early labor symptoms?

I have been having a lot of pelvic a rectal pressure, also sharp crotch pains the feel almost like they are shooting down in waves. Wondering if this is normal and maybe a sign of labor in the next few days? Also have had a couple of small contractions feelings with these sharp pains, but not many. No bleeding or unbearable pain yet, just very very uncomfortable as of now occuring every 30 mins or so.

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    They may only be braxton hicks or they may be the real thing. Normal is 37-40 weeks. Your due date is really just a guess and can be off by 3 weeks or more. If they get 7-8 minutes apart or if you get the urge to push (like a huge bowel movement, with or with out pain/contractions), please get yourself checked.

    Source(s): RN, studying to be a midwife
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