Has anyone seen the movie Nicholas and Alexandra about the Russian Revolution of 1917?

Do you know how hisotrically accurate it is? and do you know any other good movies about the Russian Revolution?

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    Haven't seen it, but their story is a fascinating one.

    Here's some facts about the last Romanovs.

    1. Yes, the whole family died

    2. Yes, the family thought Rasputin was the greatest thing since sliced bread, because he could apperently "cure" the little boy's hemophilia (disesease where he cannot clot, but could bleed to death from even a minor cut.

    3. Which brings me to, Yes, Nicholas and Alexandra's youngest child, a boy named Alexi, was a hemophiliac (Alexandra's grandma was Queen Victoria).

    5. Yes, Rasputin set himself up as a "holy man" but was actually disgusting, perverted, and Satanic.

    4. No, Anastasia most likely did NOT survive

    5. Yes, the girls had sewn the family jewels into their cosets to hide them. This inadvertantlly made their corsets like a bullet-proof vest when the bolshevicks decided to slaughter them all. The girls had to be stabbed to death with bayonettes.

    6. THe Romanovs had 4 daughters and a son

    1. Olga Nicholavena Romanov- died age 22 or 23

    2. Tatiana Nicholavena Romanov- died age 21 or 20

    3. Marie Nicholavena Romanov- Died age 19

    4. Anastasia Nicholavena Romanov- Died age 17

    5. Alexi Nicholavich Romanov- Died age 13 I think.

    That's just some basics. There's probably plenty of websites that will give a brief, concice, account of the lives of the last Romanovs. When I watch a movie based on a true story I HAVE to go research it to see how accurate it is, or what really happened.

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    I have the book from my grandfather's collection but have not seen the movie. Would love to know what year it came out.

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