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any of u know know any legal talent/model/actor agency?

i just went to "famous artistes". the guy told me, its a tv commercial agency. i wanted an interview. the guy asked me to pay rm10 for documentation fees. i refused. then i ask how long the interview takes. he says just short 5 minutes. now, im asking, is it legal to extract rm10 from me?

2nd q, are there any legal model/tv cast agency?


daniel w: i know rm10 is not very high. but im want to know why do i really have to pay rm10. i want to know every single cent that i paid is worth it. that's my motto. coz seriously, theres lots of bogus around. and i've been taken for a ride for far too many times.

Update 2:

bcoz of all these bogus schemes/companies/donations in msia, i think i can overall, say "malaysia has smarten me up"

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