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My dog please help?

Hello everyone, I have a dog for 5 years now and things financially for me haven't been going too well and my dog is sick. I need help with his medical assistance. Any idea where I can get free medical assistance for him would be great. The problem with my dog is that he has been having continuous Manges for those who are curious. Thanks.

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    Look up the local SPCA or Humane Society...they can usually either give you a referral to a free or inexpensive vet, or they can have their own clinic give treatment. Just tell them about your situation. Search for your local SPCA shelter by city or zip code at this site:

    Here's another search site to find shelters in your area:

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    If you can work out a payment plan with your veterinarian that would be wonderful. Call around and ask local places if they would be willing to work with you on this problem.

    Since there are three different types of mange, it is important to have a skin scraping analysis done. This will help determine what kind of mange it is, and the proper medical treatment.

    You will also have to do some major cleaning around the house/dog's bed/etc.. in order to ensure that your dog doesn't receive another case of mange.

    If you can't afford treatment, you can also call your local humane society/spca and ask if they can help.

    Let them know about your current financial situation. They have many programs set up so that people going through hardships can get free care for their pets.

    ~Hope this helps!


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    Sorry about that. If you're in the UK, there is an animal charity, PDSA, which will pay vet's fees for people on benefits. If not, I think you might have problems. Ask the local RSPCA or whatever your equivalent is - you might get lucky. Or maybe your vet will take pity and treat your dog at a discount, but don't hold your breath on that one.

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    Don't ever bother with Jessica R. She's abusing the site.

    Try to find a vet that will help you. I'm sure if you brought your dog in and let the vet see hi,/her and he might take pity on you. It's not a bad thing. You need help and you need someone who has kindness in their heart towards the animal. If they don't then they are not much of a vet.

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    Call dog rescue for whatever breed the dog is...

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    I no they have animal clinics look in your yellow pages they let you make payments if you need to.

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    you can ack dog pound

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