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Hello everyone :]

i just got accepted into UCSD, but i dont really understand the different colleges it have, other than that they each have different requirements and emphasis. and is the Six College good...? and can you switch out of a college? will the college you're in affect your major?

btw..i've heard that you cant have more than 2Cs in HS, but is that per semester or the whole high school?

thanks :D

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    As an UCSD alum myself, there aren't huge differerences betwen the schools. The two main differences are the on-campus housing and the writing requirments. Although Sixth College is new and they are at "Camp Snoopy" as we call it, they make it up by being close knitted. In other words, there is no huge advantage or disadantage between each schools and these differences espcially become less important if you are a transfer student.

    You can transfer to another college but this is uncommon. I think it's because people don't have a signficant reason why they would want to transfer.

    I am not sure what you mean by 2 Cs. Are you talking about your grades after you have been accepted? Since you have been given a provisional admission, you have to keep up your academic standards. I am not sure about the exact requirments.

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    First of all...congratulations on getting accepted. From my perspective, all the colleges are good. The only difference with each college is what they're more concentrated on. For example, Revelle College has more of an emphasis on sciences, ERC is more towards International Studies. But the college you choose will not effect your major. And yes, you can switch out colleges if you want, but I've heard it's pretty hard to switch out. As for the last question, I don't really remember as I graduated a few years ago. I only remember that you can't get D and that it's best to maintain the grades you've always had. I hope at least I helped with ur UCSD questions.

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    Congrats for getting in, I did as well and cant wait to go. I heard that Sixth College has the "easiest" GE requirements and that it is sort of looked down upon because it is new. But that is just what I have heard and can't say for sure. You can always switch but it may be a little difficult. As for your other question, I don't exactly know what you mean by more than 2Cs in HS. In my entire high school record, I believe I've gotten 4 C's. But those C's were kind of in freshman year and 2 in junior year (because I decided to take a bunch of APs and honors). What you should do is, go onto the acceptance website and carefully read their "contract." I believe that if you maintain a certain GPA, like 3.0, during your senior year, you should be fine. Not sure if its 3.0 for SD but maybe. Good luck!

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