Black women with natural hair, does it grow longer when its natural & not permed or vice-versa?

I like natural hair better on black women, even though they look good with both. It just says something about the individual more-in my opinion-if you choose to wear your hair natural! Is it harder to manage? Are you limited to fewer hairstyles going natural, have more options, or about the same? If more black men liked natural hair on black women, would more wear it, or do you think it matters. Or does it take mainstream society to accept it as being beatiful. What about black men, do you have a natural hairstyle and how are you perceived? What about having natural hair screams "criminal" in your opinion to mainstream society? If natural hair is so hard to manage, how did black women style their hair before perms..hotcombs..& what about black women in ancient cultures...shouldn't there be centuries worth of knowledge on how to deal with natural hair since creation..any speculation on how this knowledge got lost.(I know this question became a lot more complicated!)


sorry for rambling!

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    I wear my hair natural all the time. My favorite hairstyle is the afro. Natural hair is just as versatile as relaxed hair. Women can wear braids, wash-n-go, afros, twists, bantu knots, and if you want to, you can straighten it. For me, it's not hard to manage at all. I love waking up every morning without a shower cap and washing my hair. You do have to make sure that it is well conditioned. Natural black hair needs lots of moisture but not grease...grease is not good for our hair. It actually retards the growth of your hair because of all the synthetic oils in hair grease. As in black men liking natural hair more on black women, it would help, but it takes a lot of soul searching inside to realize that we are NATURALLY beautiful...without all the weaves, perms, skin lighteners, and etc. Blacks have been taught that we were ugly every since the first African arrived here. It is still seen in the media today. The more European features on a black woman, the more she will be in the spotlight...yes like Beyonce. Since I have been wearing my hair natural, I have not been approached by many black men. I have been approached by other men of other ethnicities. I don't know what it is, but they find me more attractive then I did before with relaxed hair. I just think that people with natural hair do not believe what mainstream society thinks what beautiful is suppose to be which is European aka Caucasian looking. We naturals believe that we are truly beautiful just like God made us. We believe that Black is beautiful! To learn more about the black culture, I suggest reading "Hair Story:Untangling the Roots of Black Hair In America" by Ayna D. byrd & Lori L. Tharps and "The Color Complex: The Politics of Skin Color Among African Americans" by Kathy Russell, Midge Willson, & Ronald Hall

    Source(s): If you would like to know more about natural hair care here are some websites you can go to: * * * * * these websites will also link you to more natural hair websites
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    well where do i start???????????

    it really doesnt make a difference if is natural or permed for it to grow any quicker it depends how the sista looks afta her hair.......the big misconception is that sistas need grease to moisturize their hair when it is the complete opposite......most greases contain what we know as mineral oil/petroleum/other petro chemicals which stunts hair growth as these ingredietns clog the pours.... its always best to use a more natural haircare product which doesnt contain these items.....also some people find their hair easier to manage with their hair permed and can find more styles to go with it.......i personally think there is a mixture of people who should be exceptant of natural hair the individual themselves should be and feel happy to embrace their natural hair and it would actually be helpful if people in society also took a stand it might encourage more people to rock the natural.......

    i used to rock perms from the age of 11 and im now v. soon turning 20 and im in the transitional period back to natural and cant wait im really bored of the whole perm thing and there are some hairstyle that i just cant wait to rock......... but a lot of my friends are like to me i should just straighten it, it'll b will look nicer blah blah blah.......i personally dont give a toss about the lenght.... and as for it looking nicer that depends on how i feel...if i go out there with my head held high and my hair natural then im 110% positive that they will except my hair the way it is.....i just have to take that step..........


    did i even answer ur question or did i jus start rambling?????

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    Yes Terry the question is very complex!!! However, I totally disagree with Pseudonym, I believe if more black women in media rocked the naturals, then it would definitely take off. However, if they're not wearing weaves or wigs, they are sporting permed hair. All of the young stars rock weave. However I believe if people like Beyonce, Rihanna, Angela Bassett. and even Oprah all wore a natural for one good year, that **** would really take off. Hell, I would even follow their lead. These are the people Black women look at and watch. And I am a perm wearing sistah who has always been nervous about rocking a natural, but I know it would go well with these hips. Just dont know how black men would take it. I think most people have a need to fit in........ but not all. I just happen to be one who on occassion, just dont give a "f", but for the most part I love my permed hair. Actually, I love to see women in the afros. Its so beautiful and "natural". A lot of women in africa now have perms. Perms give you more flare and styles.

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    Oh my god, where do I begin??? It is going to take everyday people to accept it before the main stream media will accept it. Once that happens, more people will wear their hair natural. I wear my hair like my avatar it's just dreaded. Your question is very complex and I have a lot of thoughts on it but I am too sleepy to elaborate on them. I hope I answered at least one of you questions. Byyyeee!

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    My afro is easier to manage than my relaxed hair was. Less breakage, and I can wash, condition and go! Plus, swimming and showers are no problem now. Neither is weather. Afro grow really fast, because your not using chemicals on your hair slowing the grow, your scalp can breathe naturally.

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