Do you see the polarization of our country as a good thing at this time? We are getting to see what cities...?

have the most cowards, traitors and populations that are friendly to child raping perverts. I nominate Portland OR. as a coward city what are your nominations for one of the above cities.

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    I'll nominate San Fransisco

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    We all already know that Washington,DC is the corporate corruption capital of the world.

    Traitors violate the Constitution, see that mostly in Washington.

    As far as the perverts that like children, I believe the recent scandals show that the GOP has the edge on protecting pedophiles.

    A man of courage makes his decisions, and is not afraid to let others know why those decisions where made. He will openly discuss the issues. His communications would be open record, he would not fear, but embrace verifications of his decisions. He would have no reason to shroud himself in secrecy. He would not have to resort to personal attacks to defend his position.

    A coward attacks unprovoked, using others to bear the risk. He will often use the largest deadliest weapons he can, because of his irrational fears.

    He will exaggerate information to spread his fear. He knows his decisions are flawed and will attempt to protect himself through complete secrecy.

    Seems to me only a couple of cities meet your criteria:

    Washington, DC

    Crawford, TX

    As far as the polarization issue, it is obviously a good thing, based on the past election. One of the 2 parties has been seriously shaken up. Yours, I would guess, based on your question.

    Polarization and this administration's passage into insanity of policy is finally doing what the activists have been unable to do. The real majority is waking. Just because the voters in our society has been split around the middle between the two parties, does not mean that the non voters are equally split along party lines.

    Most of America expects the Constitution to be upheld and wants to keep the government out of their relationships, their privacy, their bedrooms, their bank accounts, their personal emails and phone calls, and out of their wallets.

    2008 - Time to remove all incumbents from office. The only way to end the corrupt corporate control of our elected representatives is to remove all those involved from office. Party lines make no difference.

    No incumbents means the largest debtors to the corporations are gone, their debts nullified.

    It means that the freshman will actually have to learn their jobs from scratch, instead of immediate indoctrination into politics in Washington.

    It means getting the attention of all politicians, giving them the message that it is now in THEIR best interest to represent the taxpayers, not the corporations. I can not remember the last time I saw a bill that did not, in some way, benefit a corporation.

    Time to put aside personal feelings on superficial issues. Don't like abortion or gay marriage, then don't go to an abortion clinic or marry a gay. Don't believe in evolution, then you are free to teach your children your beliefs for 2/3 of every weekday and all weekends, or home school, as many Christians do, and get 100% information input into your child.

    Time to vote for America and return the control of our country to the people, and fire our corporate bosses.

    This is not a partisan issue. I will be voting against the incumbent in every office, regardless of party affiliation.

    I ask you to do the same.

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    I guess man. Hey while I got you here I wanted to let you know that me and the other "neo-conservative" people got together and had a little meeting. We decided this isnt working out. You've kinda been making the movement look bad and why the hell are you so angry? You live in the suburbs!!! Anyway, give our best to the family and dont come back.

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    Only children make broad-based generalized statements!

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