Is the Yahoo, Hotmail,Microsoft lottery in the U.K a fraud?

I recieved a notice that I won a lottery from Yahoo/HotMail/Microsoft in the United Kingdom. Is this a real lottery that I can claim or just a fraud?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yahoo and Hotmail are rival companies. They are certainly not going to cooperate in a lottery!

    It's a SCAM, and a fake lottery is just one of the many gimmicks the spammers use to get you to open their emails and to get you to give them your personal information... or your money. By opening a spam mail, you could be unleashing a virus on your computer or alerting the spammers that your email address is an active one. This means you could receive a flood of spam mail (yes, even more than you get now... a LOT more) in the future. Never NEVER open mails from people you don't know and trust!!

  • kokal
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    4 years ago

    rip-off!!!!! That message is the two a pretend and an outright fraud. do not touch the phishers and supply them any of your own preparation in any respect. If that is composed of money for coverage or expenditures, do not provide them not one cent of it. unsolicited mail that rip-off message directly into oblivion desirable away. that's one lottery you will by no skill win because of the fact this is "bogus." you will would desire to pay some funds to play in the lottery. yet another element, the phishers telling you to "shop this lottery preparation exclusive" could point out to you to not say something approximately this to absolutely everyone till they have complete scamming you. which skill you will danger making the phishers wealthy at your individual fee jointly as you would be left preserving the bag in the tip. remember businesses including Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, BMW, Coca Cola, Nokia, and others do not contain themselves in the lottery scams the phishers orchestrated. this is them who're utilising those businesses' names as a front for their unlawful events.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's a scam to get info from you, eventually enough to wipe out your bank accounts..mark as spam.

  • 1 decade ago

    Its a fraud.

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