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should a 15 yrs old girl use facials?

what should be a product which should be applied by a 15 yrs old girl for making skin glowing?

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    You can but its your choice anyway. You should use the teenage ones. Never use your mum's their too strong for you. You can try SK2 it's good cos I use it and it makes me look pretty.

  • Jake
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    The 4 steps skin care regime for glowing skin :


    gentle facial cleanser

    toner (alcohol-free)

    moisturizer with at least a SPF of 15 (oil-free)

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    You are never too young to start a good skincare regimine. Cleanse, moisturize, and exfoliate (gently!) on a daily basis and use a moisturizing facial masque weekly and you will always have beautiful skin. St Ives makes some nice products at low prices.

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    you have a beautiful skin when you are dont spoil it by goin for facials...Facials have now gained a lot of popularity but to be honest they dont really effect much...Its more like a psychological phenomenon. It doesnt mean that facial dont work at all...They do ....but they arent when ur 15 and ur skin is beautiful:) my suggestion would be that let the beauty stay untouched

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    Your skin is still very immature. Your hormones are fluxuating rapidly and your body is still adjusting. I wouldn't use facials (Other than those steam facials. They feel gooood) until you're at least 17-18 years old, when your body begins to level out.

    Besides, you should have baby skin, don't worry. :)

    Use a soft exfoliant (Dove makes a good one) and use LOTS of oil-free lotion on your face. Also drink LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of water. Eat LOTS of vegetables (Especially brightly colored veggies)

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    I dont think so,u shud wait for atleast 10 more yrs.Ur skin is immature n need no artifical products at this age.Go for baby soaps/dove.Drink plenty of water,include salads n fruits more in ur diet.N don't forget physical activities.

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    pls dont get facials done until u r 25. coz b4 that age ur skin just doesnt need anything except good diet.drink load s of water. thats it.

    Source(s): my mom drinks 15 glasses of water each day and she doesnt look like she s 45. her skin glows more than mine. by the way i m 21.
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    You can use natural products but drink lots of water.Your skin is still immature.

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    what i think is no .if she want her skin glowing she should use a soap like dove.

    Source(s): Tanya
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