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Rescue Remedy??

has anyone used Rescue Remedy for depression and did it help you at all, and what is the side effects and how old do you have to be to purchase it. thanks

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    I have used Bach flower rescue remedy for acute stress. it is very safe, I use it on my children if they have a bump or fall and it relieves thier initial shock response and helps to reduce pain. I find it very useful for relaxing when under pressure also. Most chemists and health food stores in NZ sell it in a spray or dropper. the spray is very convenient and easy to use. I would suggest that you could use it to help relieve some of the symptoms of depression with some success.

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    4 years ago

    Bach Flower Remedies For Depression

  • Swamy
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    1 decade ago

    I think Rescue Remedy is not directly indicated for depression, though it is useful for any medical emergency, including panic attacks, anxiety neurosis etc. Gentian, Mustard and other Flower Essences are more frequently indicated for depression. To know more about the flower essences, go to the free online course at

    As far as side effects of Bach Flower Essences (Rescue Remedy is a mixture of Five Flower Essences) is concerned, the Bach Centre's official position is clear: They have no side effects, but they may bring out some suppressed emotions like peeling an onion brings up hidden layers. In any case, it is a good idea to discuss the treatment with your parents and health professionals.

    These are available at neighborhood healhfood stores and are available without a prescription as far as I know. They are also available online. But, as mentioned, discuss with parents and take their advice and don't stop any medication that you are taking without the doctor's advice.

    Source(s): I have good knowledge of homeopathy, Tissue Remedies, Bach Flowers, Reiki etc. but am not a doctor.
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    I started using the Bach Flower remedies a little under a year ago. Before this I had been treated for clinical depression and anxiety for almost ten years, using prescribed anti depressants. I had tried almost everything there was and ended up on a particularly high dose of efexor and trazodone. I knew I felt better, but I also knew it wasn't good enough, that the severe feelings and thoughts associated with depression were being masked not dealt with.

    I have a very open mind but even I was sceptical about everything I was hearing about the flower remedies. However things happen for a reason, and one afternoon I was talking to a healer I know in a holistic shop near my home and she introduced me to a Bach Flower healer. I met with him several times and tried several of the remedies, at the same time I was gradually weaning myself off the anti depressants (from choice).

    I am now not using any prescribed medications at all, other than occasionally when I really can't sleep. And I use the flower remedies instead. I believe they do work. I have probably been at the absolute bottom of the pit of depression and believed I would never be free of anti depressants.


    Gentian - for a mild sence of despondency when something has gone wrong and we feel like giving up;

    Gorse - for a deeper form of depression, when we have given up hope and made up our minds that things will not improve;

    Sweet Chestnut - for a deep despair when we feel that there is no way out of our difficulties;

    Oak - for slow, steady, reliable people who never know when they are beaten;

    Mustard - when we feel unhappy, gloomy and depressed but there is no reason to justify these feelings;

    Willow - for self-pity and resentment, everything is someone else’s fault.

    Other depression remedies: Agrimony, Chicory, Crab Apple, Elm, Honeysuckle, Pine, Star of Bethlehem

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    5 years ago

    Ma'am I believe that stuff was made for humans. at least that's what they told us when we got some for my wife to stop her from having panic attacks. It didn't work and she said it taste like liquor. She didn't give none to the cat though. We never knew you could.

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