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- look daggers

- dog earred

- tight fisted

- big headed

- light finger

use simple english + 中文 to explain , thank you !

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    Look daggers怒視

    To glare at angrily or hatefully.

    Dog eared憔悴的

    worn or shabby: shabby or well-used

    damaged, tattered, battered, well-read, worn, well-thumbed

    Tight fisted吝嗇的


    Big Headed就是形容某人傲慢自大的意思

    used colloquially of one who is overly conceited or arrogant

    Light-fingered (adj.) 手指靈巧的/善長偷竊的

    1. Having quick and nimble fingers.

    2. Skilled at or given to petty thievery.

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