What is the best color(s) to wear for a job interview?

I live on the west coast and I am scheduled for some interviews what are the best colors and styles to wear? I am in mymid 30s I dont want to look matronely and dress "too old" for my age nor do I want to dress too teen ager like and overly trendy and look ridicilous? Any advice? I am a redhead with grey eyes and a large size woman but I look solid.What jewlery and accesories should I wear?

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  • Misha
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    1 decade ago
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    I agree with HB, dress for the type of job you are applying for. A good professional looking pair of slacks is a great addition to any wardrobe from about 20 on up. Pin-striping makes for a lovely line on the body, lengthening and trimming the leg. For a more casual low-key job interview pair a great gray pin-stripe pant with a soft blue cashmere sweater and medium high heels nothing over 3.0 really. For more up scaled job interviews pair the pin-stripe pants with a classic button down shirt and a chic jacket over the top. For your hair, in a more causal setting a low pony tail or bun, more up scale go with a nice low chignon. For make up keep it light, minimal mascara, a sweep or two of blush and a neutral lip. Jewelry, a simple necklace, nothing to long, should hit your collar bone no lower or higher. A simple watch, dainty, small faced. As for a purse, avoid slouchy hobos, messy graffiti printing, or busy attachments. A good structured yet stylish shoulder bag. Here are some links to examples of what I mean:



    (in blue note or cactus)





    Hope this helps, good luck on the job interviews!

  • HB
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    1 decade ago

    depends on the job you're interviewing for.

    dress for the job.

    generally considered good choices are greys, navy blue's. maybe solids or pin stripes. go with a business attire. not too formal. business casual. to business suit again depending on the job.

    very limited accesories. a small watch. one ring. small earings (no more than one in each ear). If you feel you mist wear a necklace keep it simple.

    if you're wearing a skirt absolutely wear hose that match your skin color rather than your clothing. dark shoes black if you have them, otherwsie be sure thy match your outfit. flat or very low heels.

    stay calm and poised. dont talk too much. answer questions direcvtly, completely but briefly. try to be thorough but not too long winded.

    elaborate when asked to do so.


    if you really cant think of anything (most people cant)

    ask at the end... something like...

    do you have an idea how long before a selection will be made?

    will you be notifying all those being interviewd or when can I call to find out the results of the interview?

    is the person I would be reporting to in the room? if yes... what can you tell me about your style of leadership.. or what can you tell me about your expectation of me during my first 30 days of employment?

    are there any pending projects that are behind that i'd need to jump on right away or would there be a period of training in the new position?

    think about at least two or three questions. it shows interest.

    then always end it with the final confident selling of yourself.

    something like....

    well of course i dont know who your other candidates are, but i feel confident that i will make an excellent choice for this position and I hope to hear from you soon with a positive response in my selection.

    say thank you and wish the interviewrs a wonderful day.

    best of luck

  • 1 decade ago

    Having worked in retail and interviewed A LOT of people, wear something that you feel comfortable in, yet says your serious. If you feel great in a skirt suit, wear it. If your more confident in pants, wear that. The outfit makes the first impression so no cleavage, no short skirts, no snagged hosiery, and no 6 inch heels (unless your interviewing for an "exotic dancer." With red hair, green usually looks best. If not green go black with a color layered underneath. Jewelery should be simply. Make up and hair neat, fresh and simply. Maybe wear a light body spray, but no heavy perfumes. Good Luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    Black is the best color. Very professional looking. Also dark old navy is also good. These are good just on anyone. I heard it's better not to wear to much jewelry. Earrings and watch should be enough. You dont' want to prospective employers to get distracted with all the blinkings. Just go with nice, clean and pressed pants or skirts with nice top suit or white long sleeves dress shirt

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  • 1 decade ago

    Just go with the traditional black pant suit and white button up shirt, I think that style goes with pretty much every age group. But remember, no open toe shoes ever at an interview. But I don't think you were going to go for that look anyway.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Light colors show a bubbly personality. I would say white, blue, or whatever you think makes you comfortable. I would want to be comfortable so that I can relax and be open. I would still have to say black is the most professional color to wear, and it is always in style.

  • regina
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    1 decade ago

    Well, you should wear an assertive color. Blue or red with black? Not too much black! Pretty but simple accessories. Style.. Think "smart casual". Perhaps a nice jacket, a knee length skirt and a single color yet not too basic top? Avoid showing too much skin though!

  • 4 years ago

    honestly you could go either way. if you do a sheer black that would give you a nice silhouette from the waist down. has a more dressy vibe. which might be OK, since attorneys offices are usually a bit dressier than most. the nude on the other hand if closely matching your skin tone, is very polished, but natural looking. It is a bit more relaxed/casual than the black.

  • 1 decade ago

    black skirt- a line- knee length

    white button up shirt long sleeves perhaps with a black pinstripe- or solid- either way

    black tank top (nice one) over the white shirt....bear with me

    black heels/wedges


    trendy yet, professional.

    accessories are overrated..

    Earrings and watch only.

    Earrings-hoops, or studs

    Watch- classic, practical, pretty

    Hair- up; ponytail- high or low

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    neutrals. white, brown, black, beige, cream. go light on the jewlery

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