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Sex tourism in Malaysia?

I thought that prostitution was illegal. If so why are there so many 'outlets' out there in the open and in fact, I've seen police patrolling around the darnest places like Bukit Bintang, Hj. Taib and so on? (of course, if you're from other states you should know that there are many popular spots too). Foreign women being smuggled aside, a LOT of Sabahan/Sarawakian women/girls are being found in these outlets too.

Unlike countries that legalise prostitution as a legal industry where their own women sell themselves to earn a living, most Malaysian prostitutes are being 'imported' or smuggled.

How big/lucrative is this industry for those Malaysian pimps anyway? How do they get away from being caught with all those human traficking and so on? Do you/they know that human traficking is a form of crime against humanity and in some cases, practice of racism?

Is the Malaysian government supporting them indirectly or what?

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    Human rights don't exist in South-East Asia. Malaysia has no ombudsman and they refute all HRW reports.

    It's not only Malaysia where prostitution is illegal, it's also illegal in Thailand (but now Sonthi told foreigners who come for sex they are no longer welcome), Cambodia nad Vietnam, where many people travel just for the sake of cheap sex.

    It would be ridiculous to expect that Malaysian police is actually trying to stop prostitution, since many of clients are 'orang besar' and I've heared politicians especially like ladyboys.

    Prostitutes smuggled from Thailand, PRC, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia mostly enter on working permits and tourist passes and then abuse those permits (source: Star). That's how they get into the country.

    There is a number of Malaysian women who do this kind of activities as well and they mostly work as "freelancers". Local Chinese girls are more common than Malays and Indians. However, many Malaysian girls are forced into prostitution by their husbands or boyfriends.

    I know a case of a Malay girl from Pahang who married a fellow Malay from same town unknowingly he was a drug addict. He sold his wife to a pimp to get money for drugs. The girl was finally rescued but her experience has ruined her life. Some sell their women to settle gambling debts.

    Although government-lovers will deny it, bribery is still rather rampant in Malaysia (though much less than in Indonesia or Thailand) and those pimps, I guess, represent a large source of income for chief police inspectors.

    Prostitution, howewver, is not the dream profession for most of women and only a few prostitutes go into the business intentionally. Most of them are tricked by their employers or agents who promise them work as maids, factory workers, models, waitresses etc in a foreign country (it's not an endemic problem in Malaysia) and are taken their passports upon arrival and forced into prostitution by beating and raping. That's why the flesh trade has to be stopped.

    I'd say according to ethnic composition of pimps, there might be some MCA politicians involved, and of course BN protect each-others back.

    Sarawak also faces the same problem and once upon checking into a hotel in Bintulu I was asked by the receptionist "for how many persons?" although I was travelling alone. Not hard to guess why...

    I've heared recently that some of Malaysian pimps have adopted Bangkok style of catalogues where you can choose the girl of your preference...

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    Malaysia Sex Tourism

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    Malaysia like any other countries clearly stated that prostitution is illegal under its constitutional law.

    However, you cant simply make it go away. Malaysia has laws but difficult to implement because these activities are 'underground' and illicit to begin with. No matter how often the police raid the area, it will keep coming back.

    Police officers in Malaysia aren't 100 % perfect but you cant just disqualify and demonize them totally just because one or two bad apples.

    Tell me which nation in this 21th century is perfect in that sense?

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    Corruption is the answer. malaysian gov is an islamic based country. so definitely legalising prostituiton is impossible. nevertheless m'sia economic is also aided buy this entertaintment outlets. the gov charge high taxes on liquor n entertainment licenses. the m'sian gov is not supporting the trade legally but the ppl in the gov itself is reaping extra income from the business(you know what i mean). of cause they know human trafficking is illegal and a crime against humanity but the heck they care. all they care is money and occasionally they do a few raids just to show the public that they do not tolerate prostitution. it all goes in a big circle round n round.

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    Well, living in Malaysia (Sabah, to be precise), I am well aware of the government's ugly underbelly, but let's look at the bright side because you talk tourism and there is no major sex tourism in Malaysia. I am sure you can have anything you want, anytime, for any budget if you look a bit around as a tourist in search of such services, but Malaysia is simply not known in the world as a sex tourism destination, unlike our neighbours, and that is a good thing. I hope it stays that way!

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    totally agree with anderson.

    to answer ur q, yes, its big income for the pimps around rm50 to rm80 per pros. if they are caught, they will bribe the captors. yes, its a crime, but its also big business. actually, i have a book that documents about crime lords all over the world. it says the crime lords work together with the police. now, imagine this, if the police wipes out all the crime lords, no one will commit crime, hence no citizen wants the polices help anymore, hence police will lose their jobs. actually, it further details down on how the crime lords support the politicians.

    so, thebear, this issue totally applies to all the world, in every single country, not just malaysia alone.

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    Policemen are super “hamsup” guys. I wouldn’t be surprised if these hookers for forced to give free “services”. I made a police report for lost a cert and next day i received a few phone calls from the policeman asking me out for dinner. I'm not sure what his reason to invite me for makan. This policeman was even persistently calling me for 3 days sounding flirty. With such attitude of policemen we have in Malaysia… no doubt prostitution is common.

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    U make me wonder the Arabs patronize which prostitutes.If they patronized the non-Muslims prostitutes,their penis would be contaminated with the prostitutes' mucous which made from the nutrients of pork.The rule is like Muslim cannot eat the vegetable that use fertilizer made from pig feces.Should M'sia govt tell them patronizing the non-Muslim prostitutes adalah salah di sisi agama Islam?

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    get a grip you ever saw an ugly policeman with a beautiful wife? well..not ugly but not handsome i should say..

    they have the relationship made between the police force and the pimps..of course not from jln haji taib coz all you can see there are transexual..or 'ah kua' or 'bapuk'..hahah..

    hey..whats in it for you to ask these quetions? first about marijuana and now,sex slaves/tourism?

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