Would there be something wrong if people who are HIV positive or have AIDS started having sex with each other?

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    Assumming that HIV actually does cause disease in humans, (this has NOT been proven, contrary to popular belief) it should be of little consequence if 2 infected individuals had sex with one another.

    You other posters need to READ the question more clearly before you rate my answer as bad. The question asks if theres anything wrong with 2 people with HIV or AIDS having sex with each other.

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    The answer to your question is YES.

    The reasons.

    1. There are different strains of the virus and you never know what strain the other person has. So having unprotected sex could put someone at a risk of acquiring a different strain than the one they have. These starins vary in their structure and in the clinical presentation. For example HIV1 is different from HIV2. Which is mory potent and fatal.

    2. If one person already has a resistant virus, then they can easily pass it on to the other person.

    This is very important because there are still few drugs to treat HIV.

    Here is an Example.

    If someone is already on HAART and they develop resistance, they are changed to another regimen and they can never use the first regimen again. So if this person passes on the resistant virus to another person who is not even on treatment yet, it means this person now can not use the first regimen because of the resistant strain.

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    Because HIV mutates very quickly, even two HIV+ individuals could easily infect eact other with different strains, which might be resistant to different drugs. Condoms provide fairly good protection if used carefully, but they aren't 100% fool-proof. Ultimately it comes down to their descision. (If it's a heterosexual pair, then there's a chance the woman might get pregnant, and even with antiretroviral therapy, the chance of passing HIV to the baby is very large.)

    It also depends on the type of sex - receptive anal sex is the most dangerous, followed by receptive vaginal sex. Oral sex and manual stimulation carry far, far lower risks of transmission.

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    yes if a person with a differnt strand of aids/hiv is having sex with another person with a diff strand then they can reinfect them selves with the virus and the meds might not work wioth the new infection.

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    Yes, you can get infected with the disease again. I am not sure what it's called when this happens but I have read about it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No. Or do you mean unprotected?

    Huge problem with unprotected sex: variations on the disease get passed back and forth. Medication tolerance gets based. And other bugeleeboos get passed. It's a HUGE problem that poz men think they can bareback with each other.

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    yes they should be charged for murder. and all should knoe and be responsible for their actions. and all clean folks should stay clean because we all know

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    not if they practiced safe sex, so as not to get pregnant.

  • 1 decade ago

    they can probably infect the partner....

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