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mom is puttting in my sisters pjs for back talking?

my mom is putting me in my sisters tight little pj's becuase i called her a ***** when she told me to clean my room and the kitchen, i told her to get her *** in the ktichen becuase thats a womans job, she was so mad she told me that i will go downstairs do all my chores as i was told then i will report to her and she is going to put me to bed early in my sisters pj's just to give me a taste of whats its like to be a girl having to serve boys all the time, so i gotta wear these girly clothes, these pants have like pink roses and its lacey around the waist and there like thin and tight, its embarrassing, i hope nobody is going to see me in it! u think this is a fair punishment?


she put me in them, they are really thin and girly, i hate them, she told me if i took them off she would spank me, she told me im getting a week of this so i better get used to girl clothes, is that really freaking fair, she already has some pink dress and panties layed out for me tomorrow

Update 2:

i can prove it if u don't believe me

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    To be honest with you, I actually find that humorous. You really need to start respecting your mother. I don't care if she told you to scrub the toilet, you do it! A REAL man will be willing to help around the house, INCLUDING, the kitchen. I feel bad for the woman that ends up with you, if you're lucky enough to get one and marry her. I think she should have 1. put soap in y our mouth for back talking her, 2. made you clean in a dress, and 3. like i said earlier, i think it's humorous that she made you wear your little sister's pj's. So, in the end, I think it's more than a fair punishment for your lack of respect.

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    Look, you shouldn't be a sexist pig, you live there too. It's absolutely genius, my mom would have beat my butt if I ever told her something like that. (I did once...was quite scary...) This isn't the a time when women don't have rights. You need to learn to do what your told. You could have gotten a lot worse of a punishment. If she's making you wear it in public..then I guess you've learned your lesson. You'll never marry if you have that attitude towards women. It's very fair...more than fair actually. Your stereotyping women, you shouldn't do that. I think you got what you asked for.

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    Well, it sounds to me like you and your mom both have some issues that need working out.

    First off, its not right for you to call her names when she is merely asking you to clean your room and the kitchen, you live there for free, probably eat for free, and have free run of the house, so she isn't asking much.

    Secondly, I don't think its right for a parent to necessarily embarass or degrade their kids as punishment, But it could have been worse. I would have gotten the crap beat out of me and still had to clean the kitchen and bedroom. Consider yourself lucky.. Maybe you should apologize and ask if you clean the kitchen and bedroom if you can take off the girls clothing.. good luck

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    Sounds like you deserve worse than that.

    Heh, (I'm sorry Emmawee if you're on here), but you sound like the boy version of her.

    Are you for serious? You've asked the same question in a different form at least 10 times. Get a like sweetie pie.

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    All I can say is your mom is a damn genious thats classic well done to her if it were me on the other hand having my son talk to me the way you did I would have spanked him and grounded him for allot longer than you are so you got it easy so just chill and learn from this! :)

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    i think that you were being an ***-hole to your mom and you deserve alot more then wearing girl pajamas...who says a woman has to serve a man??.. stop being a little ***** and wear the pajamas..its definitely fair punishment and you need to learn to respect a woman..

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    WOW! how bored are you!!!

    you seem to be writing the same thing over and over again!

    you wrote a similar question 5weeks ago!

    i think you maybe need to get a life or think of some new questions, cuz its getting kinda boring now


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    I think thats an awesome punishment! serves you right for being sexist. Enjoy the roses!

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    I am sorry, but- you shouldn't have called your mother that! YOU CAN GET YOUR BUTT OFF THE COMPUTER, AND CLEAN THE KITCHEN! IT IS NOT ONLY A WOMAN'S JOB! ARE YOU SEXIST? Yup. Hope this helps!

    God Bless!

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    i dont know....... a kid who calls cleaning "womans work" should get a taste of what its like to be a girl...... might be a little extreme.... but u need to learn this aint the 1800's anymore..... u need to help out around the house and 2day the only "womans work" is giving birth and breast feeding....

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