Can spending 2 weeks in China affect my copd?

I'm traveling to China in the next few weeks to adopt a baby. Have read lots of info from other travelers about the poor air quality. How will this affect my newly diagnosed COPD?

I have never smoked... am female and 55 years old...using albuterol, Advair diskus500/50, and Spiriva inhalers. I'm able to work full time teaching and raise a 6 year old. Only notice symptoms when rising in the morning and walking up hill or on an incline.

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    I have lived in China for almost ten years now and seen many people suffer from the pollution, especially people who have asthma, I am not sure what your condition is but, I would make sure you have your medication on you at all times and it is full, talk with your doctor of course before leaving and depending on what cities you will be in there are some great international hospitals you can go to if you are having trouble, in Beijing (Beijing United Family Hospital is an American run hospital) in Shanghai (Shanghai United Family as well as World Link are good places to go if you need help), if travel ling outside bigger cities just make sure you have your meds and inhaler with you at all times

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    Yes it could. Asia in general has severe smog problems,because of the heavy industry located there,China is a heavy polluter.The cities are not known for their "healthy" air quality etc. I would direct my questions to my MD,he may want to add some additional medications to prevent complications while you're abroad . You can also check with your embassy to find out about possible warnings or alerts. I hope all goes well with the adoption,and I wish the three of you a happy life together. Take care. SW FNP

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    Can you get oxygen in China ?

    If you can, a portable liquid 02 would be the best

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