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has anyone ever hated you? And you couldn't even figure why?

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    There have been people who have hated me, and there have been people who I have hated. Many times I don't understand it, but I think it's more important to live without regrets than to dwell on why people feel the way they do about me. I try to do that every day (live without regrets).

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    There's a lot of pathology out there. People who hate, especially for no "good reason" abound. Their hate is a reflection of their dysfunctional nature.

    We can hope that in the coming years the consciousness level of this sad species will rise sufficiently so that hate and other toxic approaches to life will, at least, diminish.

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    When my girlfriend broke up with me it was pretty clear that she hated me, and I'm not sure why. I think I understand some of the reasons we broke up, but her last email to me was very hurtful, and I'm not sure what I did that made her so incredibly angry. I would've expected her to write me an email like that if I had been unfaithful to her, which i never was.

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    yupp i have a friend and he "hated me" all of a sudden. and i am all confused and i think he was board or something and needed something interesting...but everything is cool now that he has "other games to play" lol ((i will nvr understand boys))

    maybe this person is reallly upset w/ u

    maybe it is a joke

    maybe they like you

    maybe.....maybe......maybe ---- talk to them ask why they hate you.

    Source(s): me:) hope this helps
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    Yes, It mostly jealously or knowing they have competition. don't bother trying to figure them out.

    Some people are just meant to be A****** in their lives.

    Don't let them get to you.

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    Yes, most Islamic Facists hate me and most people on this board but I don't know why!

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    Yeah. This one dude hates me. I don't get it. The branding iron wasn't that hot.

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