What's the purpose of raising college tuition for out-of-state students?

Also (you can answer both or one...) I have very close family in a state that I want to go to college in. Is there any way to get in-state tuition prices?

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    Raising tuition raises funds. Doing it to out-of-state students is an easy call to make for political reasons. They can't vote so even if they're mad, there's nothing they can really do about it.

    You need to read the residency rules for each state you're considering. They normally require a year or two of living in that state before they consider you a resident. You can try using your family's address to gain residency if you're still early in high school. However, some schools consider you to be out-of-state if you went to high school in another state, no matter what state you list as your "home".

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    First because you don't pay taxes in that state. To get in-state tuition rates you must be an official resident not a college student.

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