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whats goin 2 happen on raw?

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    Lashley wont get a chance to fight vince because he'll have something up his sleeve.

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    Mr. McMahon has promised that the last Raw before WrestleMania will be the biggest one of all time. It is only fitting that the show will air live from Chicago, the home of last year’s WrestleMania. ok

    With two huge main events, it looks like the show will live up to Mr. McMahon’s claims. World Tag Team Champions (and WrestleMania competitors) John pena & Shawn Michaels will face World Heavyweight Champion Batista & Undertaker in a No Way Out rematch. Will the tenuous relationship between The WWE Champ & HBK stay intact?wait wasn't no way out like at least a month ago?! -_-

    At WrestleMania, Mr. McMahon’s representative Umaga will face Donald Trump’s representative Bobby Lashley in the Battle of the Billionaires. On Raw, Mr. McMahon himself will go one-on-one with the ECW World Champion. Does The Chairman have what it takes to topple the powerful Lashley?

    his "brain" will do all the work

    As if two main events weren't big enough, Raw is going to get "sexier than ever" with the first-ever team-up of three "cover s" - Ashley, Candice and Torrie - as they battle Women's Champion Melina, Victoria and Jillian. Who will prevail in this Six-Diva Tag Match? Will Melina and Ashley get some pre-'Mania action as they compete in the same ring on Raw? HI WE'RE TORRIE WILSON ASHLEY AND CANDICE AND WERE REJECT ****** :-D

    Former World Tag Team Champions Edge & Randy Orton have also been at each other’s throats of late. Will their partnership continue to disintegrate as the Road to WrestleMania comes to an end? sure i guess so!

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    Vince will face Bobby Lashley and i have no clue who will win because Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon might cheat and Bobby Lasley might use his power and strenght to beat Vince

    Also Cena and Hbk will team up once more as Smackdown Wrestlmania oppoments team up once more also and so it will be a No Way Out rematch and it will be WWE champion and one half of World Tag Team Champion will team up with the other half of the World Tag Team Champions HBK against Batista and Undertaker

    Sorry but that is all i know but I like surprises and have fun watching Monday Night Raw

    Source(s): some stuff i remebered but lots of stuff i dont know whats going to happen on raw
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    Lashley's match with Vince will probably end with Umaga beating up Lashley.

    When this whole Trump Feud began, I remember Vince saying he was medically unable to wrestle anymore. I guess that has changed...

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    lashley vs mchmahon

    Victoria Melina and Jillian Vs Torrie Ashley and Candice


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    Lashley will pummel Mcmahon and Taker will tombstone Batista allowing HBGay and John Ceman to win juut like they did at no way out.

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    lashley will rock and taker will kick *** who knows hopefully its the most entertaining raw of the year cant wait

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    Randy Orton and Edge will argue leading up to there fued after wrestlemania

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    hopefully taker will kick everyone's a** and lashley will beat the livin' hell out of mcmahon tee hee

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    a 2 hour show or wrestling and talking! sounds exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Source(s): the carlito, hardy, and cage fan club! population: 1
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